“I thought COVID was a myth”: Kamaliya told how she carries coronavirus

“I thought COVID was a myth”: Kamaliya told how she carries coronavirus

The singer talked to fans live

Inna Petrova

Showbiz / Style section editor

On the eve it became known that the singer Kamaliya and her whole family were infected with the coronavirus. The artist's daughters have negative tests, but the girls have symptoms of the disease. But Kamaliya's mother suffers the disease the hardest of all – she has pneumonia.

On Saturday, September 12, Kamaliya went live on her Facebook page and told fans how her loved ones and herself are feeling.

The singer complained of severe pain and body aches. At the same time, her temperature began to subside, there was no runny nose, and her cough became weaker.

“The whole body hurts, as if an electric shock, as if all the veins and tendons are being pulled out of you, twisting the muscles. Lying, sitting, walking – everything hurts,” Kamaliya said.

The star noted that she did not believe in the existence of the coronavirus – the disease seemed to her a myth.

“I thought that COVID-19 is a myth invented. That this is some kind of economic section. A very incomprehensible disease, everyone has a different course,” says the performer.

Doctors recommended Kamaliya's family not to lie down, but to walk more in the fresh air, while excluding physical activity. The singer showed during a live broadcast how her husband is doing yoga in the yard of his house.

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Earlier, Ukrainian actress Ivanna Sakhno told how she was sick with COVID-19 in the United States.

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