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“I received a summons, I passed the VLK”: Prytula told why he did not go to serve

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr21,2024

"I received a summons, I passed the VLK": Prytula told why he did not go to serve

Prytula explained why he has a reprieve from military service/"Ukrainian Pravda"

Serhiy Prytula said that he received a summons and even passed the VLK. So a logical question arose, why he did not go to serve after that.

And he answered it in an interview with journalist Natalia Moseichuk, which appeared on her YouTube channel on April 20. Serhii Prytula explained why he received a deferment from service.

Prytula – adjournment

Natalia Moseichuk asked Serhiy Prytula if he had armor. To this he responded with a smile.

“That's a very funny question, – he laughed. – Charities are not on the list of entities subject to reservations.”

So, she decided to clarify: “So you are not immune to the fact that you may receive a summons?”

I received a summons, I passed the VLK (military medical commission – Radio MAXIMUM), I am registered at the Shevchenkiv TCC (Territorial center of procurement – Radio MAXIMUM). I have a deferment from military service due to the presence of three minor children,
– explained Prytula.

Briefly about Serhiy Prytula

  • Please note that Serhiy Prytula previously was a TV presenter, actor, stand-up comedian, as well as the author and co-producer of the sketch show “Faina Ukraine”. In addition, he hosted the morning show “Pydyom”, the talent show “Ukraine does not believe in tears” and the entertainment – “Who's on top?”, as well as a number of others.
  • Nowadays he – an activist of the volunteer movement who helps Ukrainian military personnel.
  • The Serhiy Prytula Foundation itself – a Ukrainian charitable organization that specializes in helping the Defense Forces of Ukraine and victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war – founded in 2020.
  • Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, on February 24, 2022, his foundation has been engaged in regular fundraising directed to the purchase of equipment for the Armed Forces.
  • Serhiy Prytula has been married to TV manager Kateryna Sopelnyk since 2015. She – the second wife of a former TV presenter. The couple is raising two daughters. And from his first marriage he has a son Dmytryk.
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