“I lost money”: Masha Efrosinina told how Olga Polyakova tore her shooting

The singer at the last moment refused to be interviewed

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

"Я потеряла деньги": Маша Ефросинина рассказала, как Оля Полякова сорвала ей съемку

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Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina, which recently revealed the truth about the relationship with her husband, told how the singer Olya Polyakova failed her and came out to the agreed interview. Because of this, the star has lost money.

About this Efrosinina said in an interview to the program “rumor has it”, which is published on YouTube Remini Achakzai. Manager Olya Polyakova at the last moment announced the team of Masha, the singer is not ready to go for an interview. The presenter lost the money that was spent on paying the rent of the location and the salaries of operators.

"Я потеряла деньги": Маша Ефросинина рассказала, как Оля Полякова сорвала ей съемку

Singer Olga Polyakova

“Wrote guest. Sitting, waiting. Look, our producer – white here the balls are rolled out, and she starts running. I feel that we’re f* * * yourself. We finish the interview, accompanied the guest and I’ve been hearing it for a long time with someone talking and screaming. In the end it turns out that the producer spoke with the Manager Polyakova and Olga told him that it is not ready to go for an interview. Then we turned, I lost the money – I pay for locations, pay to operators,” recalled Efrosinina.

See story, than in the quarantine deals with Masha Efrosinina:

She added that usually after such situations Masha stops to chat with people, but just need to know Olga: “But it’s Olya. It is necessary to know. This man is a farmer. And all she compensates for this plowing is mood swings. I can see them. It happened the same option. If it was someone else, I would have called and that relationship ended forever.”

Note that during the quarantine Polyakova invited Efrosinina to your show live and Mary is very surprised. But now Olga has to apologize to the presenter for that event and now they are planning a new interview.

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