“I just snapped”: Katy Perry spoke about a difficult period in her life

"Я просто сломалась": Кэти Перри рассказала о тяжелом периоде своей жизни

Katy Perry. Photo: instagram.com/katyperry

American singer Katy Perry recalled how in 2017 wanted to commit suicide.

The actress said that during that period she broke up with British actor Orlando bloom, reports The Sun.

In addition, the singer was upset about a failed album Witness. Perry noted that it was her first failure in her musical career.

My career was on a certain trajectory. She walked up and then higher and higher. And then suddenly there was a slight drop, a slight from the side. But for me it was a real earthquake! I’ve been music all the way, what was the moment from me there is nothing left and I just collapsed in half. I just broke up with her boyfriend who, incidentally, is now the father of my unborn child. And I was hopeful that my new album needs to take off. But it was not as I expected and I just broke down,” said the singer.

She admitted that to recover helped her faith in God.

Thanks – that saved my life. If I hadn’t then changed his way of thinking, that I would be sucked into the sadness and I just jumped to…,” recalls Katie.

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