“I hope I can always come”: Tini is ready to share her “Cupid” with Mexico and her feminine power

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The singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, spoke with Infobae about her upcoming performances; February 2 in the city of Guadalajara, on February 3 in Monterrey and on February 5 at the National Auditorium of CDMX


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“I hope I can always come here”: Tini is ready to share her “Cupid” with Mexico and her feminine power

'Cupid' hit Tini Stoessel with Mexico (Photo: Infobae México)

To Tini Stoessel a lyric aimed at female empowerment is one of the most important musical resources that can exist to convey their ideals and feelings in the face of public demand for innovations, changes and many collaborations between women.

Proof of this are the songs released: Miénteme with María Becerra, Carne y Hueso featuring La Loto with Anitta and Becky G and recently Dolls alongside the successful urban singer La Joaqui and the world renowned DJ -producer- Steve Aoki. All of them and unpublished music will be present on their new studio album Cupido, with a release date this Tuesday, February 14.

The singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, spoke with Infobaeabout their upcoming performances; February 2 in the city of Guadalajara, on the 3rd in Monterrey and on the 5th at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. In addition, he confessed which Mexican pop idols he would like to join in the future to continue with the musical explosions to which his fans are accustomed, as well as the most significant memories and anecdotes that he has on Aztec land and its people.

Danna Paola, Anahí, Belinda, Thalía and more

“I hope I can always come here”: Tini is ready to share her “Cupid” with Mexico and her feminine power

"Cupid" ; It will arrive on February 14th Photo: Max Alonso/Infobae México

Yes! For me it would be beautiful; I am always open to meet the artists. I haven't had the pleasure of coming across Danna, but I believe that at some point, event or something, she will pass. There are many times that from that greeting, hit a good vibes with the artist and they send you the song directly. Almost the entire album goes that way: 'Hello friend, I have a song to send you'. I would love them,” she began.

Tini Stoessel assured that Mexican female talent is not ruled out after the premiere of Cupido, as there are more opportunities to add it in a new unpublished song or even the production of another studio album, with the only requirement being to know the person behind the artist.

“There is also Sofía Reyes, that is, there are many artists here, especially women, that I admire and would be an honor for me. If it happens that way, first being able to meet and have a chat and then go to the studio and have a song come out, obviously I'm super open”, she added.


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The phenomenon that began in 2012 with the youth soap opera Violetta-under the production of Disney Channel- allowed her as an actress to visit and get to know various Latin American countries, although her time in Mexico is kept in her memory and heart as the most pleasant memory she has of a live show.

“The last show I did is something I can't forget, because people really surprised me at the level of public and artist connection. Songs that I say 'Maybe they don't know much, because it's been more than 5 years', but suddenly those old songs were known more than the latest ones”, he expressed.

If something characterizes the Mexican it is: “Their level of love and passion, they really love. Perhaps with Violetta I felt that she was young and it was a younger audience, which didn't make me think so much. Now with Guadalajara, Monterrey and the National Auditorium, it did surprise me at that moment, I don't even want to imagine what will happen now”, he confessed.

“ Hopefully I can always come

“Muñecas” is his most recent single Photography: Max Alonso/Infobae México

Upon his great return to Mexico, the experiences outside the artist are also special: “I go by a corner and say 'I remember such a stuff '; I go up to such a place and 'I can't forget about such another'. It's a place I've come to a lot, so hopefully I can always come ”, he finished.

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