I “died”: Russian Wikipedia “praised” Vitaliy Kozlovsky

I “died”: Russian Wikipedia “praised” Vitaliy Kozlovsky

Singer Vitaly Kozlovsky reported that the Russian version of Wikipedia “buried” its June 18th. The artist was amazed when he saw this.

I “died”: russian Wikipedia

Since Wikipedia pages can be edited by anyone, the information there is not always reliable. It is noteworthy that about “death” Kozlovsky became known only in the Russian version, while the Ukrainian version remained unchanged.

Wikipedia reported “death” Kozlovsky

Vitaly spread this news on his instagram. Wikipedia wrote that the artist “died” June 18, 2022 in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Odessa region. This information is no longer on Wikipedia. It seems that the Russians are involved in this. However, why it was necessary to write about the death of a Ukrainian artist is unknown.

I “died”. Already like 2 days! According to Wikipedia! Although yesterday there was a situation when I was close to this, everything worked out, – Kozlovsky wrote.

I “died”: Russian Wikipedia “praised” Vitaly Kozlovsky

Wikipedia “buried” Kozlovsky/Photo from the artist's instagram

The artist reacted to such a mistake with humor, but the fans in the comments reassured him and noted that now a long and happy life begins.

    < li>“Shock. How can this be? Give, Lord, long, happy years”.
  • “Horror. Is it possible to be wrong?”
  • “Anyone can edit Wikipedia. This is the problem”.
  • “Be careful and take care of yourself! Long and happy years of life to you!”
  • “So you will live long!”