I carry everything with me, or How to choose a city backpack

I carry everything with me, or How to choose a city backpack

An urban backpack for all occasions: what is important for buying a flawless model

How much you need to keep with you every day in an urban setting! Keys, phone, charger, Power bank, lunchbox with broccoli … What if it rains? What clouds are swirling! You can't do without an umbrella. Also – some water, a wallet, a thermo mug with a fragrant cappuccino … Oh, yes, in the evening for training: you must not forget the shift. But how to place it all? Not to carry it in your hands? At least twist into a knot and go into the sunset. So, sir … It seems that someone urgently needs a backpack.

I carry everything with me, or How to choose a city backpack

Do you also always carry a basic set of “essentials” with you? So be it. We'll have to share with you the secrets of choosing a good urban backpack.

What is important for buying a flawless model? What to look for?

1. Comfort

A city backpack, first of all, should be comfortable. After all, you will wear it often. And we definitely don't need fatigue and aching shoulders. Therefore, before buying, please pay attention to the following:

  • Volume. Urban backpacks, unlike tourist ones, should not be too bulky. Freedom is important in everyday wear. With a light backpack, you will flutter like a butterfly, and not sigh wearily like a medieval “ship of the desert” on the Great Silk Road. For City models, mobility is important. The optimal volume of a city backpack ranges from 6-25 liters.
  • Design. The backpack is the most eye-catching accessory. He can not only carry things, but also broadcast your personality to the world. Climbing on your shoulders, he becomes one with you. And only you decide which part he will play in the ensemble of your streetwear look. Will he play a bright solo or will he calmly play neutral accompaniment? Will it be colorful and daring or neat and restrained? The ideal piece should blend seamlessly with your everyday outfit. Kite Urban Backpacks are an annual collection update and a dizzying variety of styles for everyone to find their own model.


2. Purpose

A backpack today is not only a school and tourist accessory. The accessory has globally expanded its horizons and realized itself in all spheres of life. Business, fashion, sports, street style. Backpacks are actively traveling, attending conferences, going on romantic dates. Without them, nowhere. It is easy to choose a city backpack by answering the question, what will be its purpose?

  • The versatile urban backpack is comfortable, stylish and practical. The one that you will wear, as they say, to a feast and to the world. The design can be very diverse: from modest monochrome models to outrageous colorful ones. Well thought out space is important: compartments for phone, laptop and tablet; pockets for a bottle and a thermos; headphone and USB outputs.
  • Sports models are lightweight and functional. Often they have a smooth streamlined shape and special buns in the form of a shoe pocket and a water bottle; roomy compartments for “shift”.
  • Graceful female models. A couple of decades ago, a combination of a backpack + a dress could surprise. They seemed incompatible, like milk and herring. But today, elegant miniature accessories on the straps are asking for an elegant feminine look. They can even be worn at a restaurant, theater or cultural evening promenade. The main feature is the sophisticated design and small volume. It should fit a cosmetic bag, wallet, keys and phone.
  • Business class means style and status: strict forms, sustained minimalism of design and neutral colors. This backpack will hold all the necessary documents and gadgets. And what is important – it will look organic in tandem with a jacket.
  • Youth backpacks are trendy multifunctional models with bold and sometimes daring prints. Thoughtful space for gadgets and little things, a USB port and a headphone jack are a must. Some Kite Urban Youth Backpacks feature a convenient skate and yoga mat mount.

3. Quality

What we value branded things for. When each stitch is applied like a ruler, and each slider slides along the lightning, like an electric car on the Autobahn. The density of the fabric, the combination of colors, the selection of accessories: every little thing is important. A backpack for the city should withstand daily wear, crush in the morning minibus, jogging and weighty spontaneous purchases. Therefore, everyone should have their own Kite urban backpack.

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