Hyundai case: Prosecutor's Office ordered Carlos Mattos to return almost 2,000 million pesos

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The order was issued on September 15, 2022 to the head of the Treasury Department of the Prosecutor's Office, but so far the money has not been reimbursed

Hyundai Case: Prosecutor's Office ordered to return almost 2,000 million pesos to Carlos Mattos

Hyundai Case: Prosecutor's Office ordered to return almost 2,000 million pesos to Carlos Mattos

The Attorney General's Office ordered the return of almost 2,000 million pesos to Carlos Mattos, the businessman convicted of corruption. The former legal representative of Hyundai will receive the compensation money that he had consigned during the pre-agreement, which was withdrawn by the accusing entity.

The document was known exclusively to Caracol Radio and it details the exact figure to be returned: 1,966′480,000 pesos, “as part of the preliminary agreement of February 18, 2022″ . The total corresponds to two compensation payments —to the victims of the case— that Mattos made in March of this year.

According to the media , the order is signed by Ivett Lorena, the manager of the Special Fund for Asset Management of the same entity. The document was issued on September 15 to the head of the Treasury of the Prosecutor's Office; however, Caracol Radio specified that until today they have not consigned the money to the defendant's account.

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The Hyundai case and the conviction of Carlos Mattos

A year ago, the businessman was extradited from Spain for having bought judges, lawyers and engineers from the Judicial Branch so that the legal representation of Hyundai in Colombia would remain in his hands. From the beginning, Mattos sought a preliminary agreement with the Prosecutor's Office, for which he ended up accepting his responsibility in the corruption scandal and even apologized for his actions.

This Wednesday, November 9, the 11th Criminal Judge of the Circuit with Knowledge Function of Bogotá found Carlos Mattos guilty of the crime of bribery and sentenced him to five years and eight months in prison. “The sentence also established the payment of a fine equivalent to 131 legal monthly minimum wages in force and ordered a 108-month inability to exercise rights and public functions,” the Prosecutor's Office said in a press release.

The accusing entity managed to demonstrate that the businessman bribed a civil judge in Bogotá through a third party. Mattos gave him 100 million pesos to “reaffirm a decision that favored his company and allowed him to market the vehicles of a renowned Korean multinational in Colombia.”

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This new ruling arose as a response to the investigative process of three months, which began after the Superior Court of Bogotá annulled the previous sentence of 9 years, 5 months and 10 days in intramural detention.

The entity considered that the prosecuting entity should investigate whether the businessman's assets had increased while committing the acts of corruption: “To access the reduced sentence (…) you must repay at least 50% of the value equivalent to the increase received and ensure the collection of the remainder.”

< p class="paragraph">However, with the findings of the Prosecutor's Office —revealed on October 31— it was determined that there was no increase in assets. The prosecutor in the case, Daniel Hernández, highlighted that “the business year, between April 6 and December 2016, showed losses.”.

For this reason, the defendant was unable to obtain any equity benefit, “because there was no room for dividends to be distributed”, not to mention that he only owned 14% of the shares of the company of which he was a legal representative.