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Hydro-Québec selects eight wind projects

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The average cost of supply anticipated in the successful bids is 7.8¢ kilowatt hour (kWh).


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Hydro-Québec has selected eight wind projects for a total of 1,550 megawatts, the state-owned company announced Friday.

The eight bids come from five different developers. The average cost of supply anticipated in the successful bids is 7.8¢ per kilowatt hour (kWh). This cost does not include transportation and balancing.

According to the successful bids, electricity deliveries must begin between December 1, 2027 and December 1, 2029.

Hydro-Québec underlines that all the projects selected will be carried out in partnership with local communities and six of them will also be carried out in collaboration with indigenous communities.

In Eastern Quebec, two projects presented by the Eastern Energy Alliance were selected by Hydro -Quebec. The Pohénégamook–Picard–Saint-Antonin–Wolastokuk 2 wind farms, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, and that of Saint-Paul-de-Montmigny, in the Montmagny MRC, will be built by 2029 and will produce each 291.4 and 196 megawatts.

The Manicouagan wind project was also selected by Hydro-Québec. Comprising around fifty wind turbines, this project will have authorization to produce 300 megawatts (MW).

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The other five projects – including the Arthabaska (265.2 MW), Broughton (150 MW), Les Jardins (147 MW), Monnoir (100 MW) and MRC Lotbinière ( 100 MW) – will produce with the latter a total of 1,550 megawatts.

Hydro-Québec launched its call for tenders on March 31, 2023 with the services of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

In the coming weeks, Hydro-Québec will conclude electricity purchase contracts with the promoters. The Régie de l’énergie will then have to approve them.

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