Hunger Index: the ranking of the countries that suffer the most

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Assesses the performance of nations in this field, which has shown stagnation of late and is not expected to improve in the short term

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Hunger Index: the ranking of the countries that suffer the most

The ranking of the countries with the highest hunger index in the world (EFE)

As has been the case since 2006, when this study began to be disseminated, the Global Hunger Index (GHI) was released for 2021 , which evaluated the performance of countries around the world in this matter.

For its metrics, a series of variables were considered, such as chronic child malnutrition, acute child malnutrition, infant mortality and caloric deficiency in the population, among others. Government measures and the assistance of organizations were also taken into account for their analysis.

In this sense, at a global level, the performance of Belarus stands out, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Chile, which won the places with countries with lower levels of hunger and food insecurity. Instead, the Syrian Arab Republic, South Sudan and Somalia led the opposite table.

With regard to the American continent, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil led the ranking with a green light on their performance while alarm bells went off about the results of Haiti, Venezuela and Guatemala.

Hunger Index: the ranking of the countries that suffer the most

The result in Venezuela set off alarm bells

The GHI uses to express their conclusions on a scale from 0 to 100, where from 0 to 9.9 is considered low; from 10 to 19.9 is considered moderate; 20 to 34.9 is understood as serious; from 35 to 49.9 increases to alarming; and from 50 to 100 it is labeled as extremely alarming.

No country scored the most severe. On the other hand, the report details that the individual scores of 15 countries could not be calculated due to the lack of specific data, so they were only placed within the relevant range. Nevertheless, 49 countries were identified as having a “low level”, 36 within the “moderate” range. >”, to 35 in a “serious” situation and only nine that reached the level of “alarming”.

While levels of hunger and malnutrition vary widely between countries and even continents, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia were the regions with the most highest levels of hunger and the most vulnerable to future shocks and crises.

Hunger Index: the ranking of the countries that suffer the most

The region of Africa south of the Sahara had the highest levels of hunger and is one of the most vulnerable to future shocks and crises (DPA)

The body in charge of disseminating the figures published, in turn, some observations regarding global progress against hunger. Thus, they explained that, in recent years, there has been a stagnation and that the situation is likely to worsen in the coming years given the multiple global crises< /b>. It should be remembered that both the war conflicts and the effects of climate change and the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are all triggers and powerful drivers of this problem.

In addition, these situations add to the delicate scenario of poverty,inadequate governance, poor infrastructure and low agricultural productivity.

From here the importance of achieving an important change that allows contributing to a resounding change in the trend of chronic hunger and vulnerability.

Finally, it was also recommended to address the problem of obesity and being overweight as sides of the “same coin” of hunger and malnutrition.

Top 10 performing countries globally:

Belarus – <5

Bosnia and Herzegovina – <5

Chile – <5

China – <5

Croatia – <5

Estonia – <5

Hungary – <5

Kuwait -<5

Latvia – <5

Lithuania – <5

World's 10 worst performing countries:

Syrian Arab Republic – 35 to 49.9

South Sudan – 35 to 49 .9

Somalia – 35 to 49.9

Burundi – 35 to 49.9

Yemen – 45.1

Central African Republic – 44

Madagascar – 38.7

Democratic Republic of the Congo – 37.8

Chad – 37.2

Zimbabwe – 20 to 34.9

The 10 best performing countries in the Americas:

Chile – <5

Uruguay – <5

Brazil – 5.4

Argentina – 6.8

Jamaica – 7

Colombia – 7.6

Peru – 7.6

Paraguay – 8

Mexico – 8.1

Panama – 8.1

< h2 class="header">The 10 worst performing countries in the Americas:

Haiti – 32.7

Venezuela – 19, 9

Guatemala – 18.8

Ecuador – 15.2

Nicaragua – 13 .6

Honduras – 13.4

Bolivia – 13.2

Guiana – 10.4

Suriname – 10.2

Trinidad and Tobago – 9

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