Hungary will not be able to blackmail the entire EU indefinitely

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Hungary will not be able to blackmail the entire EU indefinitely

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Ambassador of Ukraine to the EU Vsevolod Chentsov said in an interview that he believes that Hungary will eventually not block the allocation of additional military assistance to Ukraine, which it now plans to block, and the EU will find ways to make this decision , because Budapest's ability to exercise its veto power is not entirely unlimited,

“Hungary, like all EU member states, is trying to protect its interests. But quite often it tries to do it at the expense of others, including Ukraine, and Ukraine becomes a hostage to these difficult situations within the EU. Therefore, they can try to block anything. Do they have the ability to do this? It's always a balance. If you cross certain red lines, you are no longer perceived and you find yourself in isolation,” Chentsov noted.

He recalled that when Hungary blocked the approval of 18 billion euros of macro-financial assistance for Ukraine, the member countries, almost for the first time, were able to develop a preventive instrument that would still provide assistance to Ukraine if Hungary went all the way and vetoed the decision on the most convenient mechanism. . 

In his opinion, Budapest will not be able to block further European sanctions against Russia without rational arguments. 

"There have already been attempts by Hungary to question the extension of sanctions against the group persons, Russian oligarchs. This attempt was unsuccessful. Of course, a decision has yet to be made, but this shows that Hungary has no real arguments why they oppose the extension of such sanctions. Argument “I don't want” – It doesn't work that way in the EU. The state must prove why such a decision is important not only for it, but for the entire EU, to argue it and get a majority. I believe that this is doomed to failure,” said Vsevolod Chentsov.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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