Hummer launches an electric bike as muscular as a small motorcycle

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The American Hummer is entering the electric bicycle market, and is selling an e-Bike that lives up to its excess.

Hummer launches e-bike as muscular as a small-motorcycle

A little over two years ago, General Motors formalized the availability of a new kind of Hummer, equipped with an electric motor. A model available for a few months now in the United States, and which has already met with enormous success, despite an entry ticket set at more than 110,000 dollars. True to its image, the Hummer EV is no less than 6 meters long and 2.10 m wide, not to mention a total of three electric motors for a total power of 1,000 hp and 200 kWh of batteries. Today, Hummer launches… its very first electric bike.

After the electric car, here is the first e-Bike signed Hummer !

The American manufacturer, renowned for its oversized vehicles, obviously intends to remain faithful to its DNA. If it was not developed in-house, the production was entrusted to Recon Power Bikes, this first e-bike signed Hummer wants to be a real beast of power, which is characterized in particular by the presence here a motor in each wheel. Like the VanMoof V, we are obviously talking here about a speedbike, rather than a classic VAE.

Thus, the Hummer super e-Bike has Bafang engines of 750W, capable of climbing to 1200W peak, i.e. a total power of 2.4 kW. The set is powered by a battery integrated into the frame, which has a capacity of 1 kWh. Visually, this is manifested by a particularly imposing frame.

Hummer launches an electric bike as muscular as a small motorcycle

The manufacturer announces a torque greater than 160 Nm, enough to allow the bike to display performance worthy of a scooter, with here a maximum speed limited to 45 km/h. With an integrated motor in each wheel, the Hummer bike is adorned with all-wheel drive, but nevertheless offers the user the possibility of choosing the level of assistance via three distinct driving modes. A good way to save battery, therefore, by redirecting the power to a single wheel.

To stop the beast, we find here very large four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, at the #8217;front and rear, placed in the heart of (large) anti-puncture tires. This first electric bike signed Hummer is already available for order, with an entry ticket set at 3,999 dollars. A steep price of course, but which remains 28 times lower than that of the Hummer EV.

Concerning the pedelec market, remember that France continues to redouble its efforts to encourage its inhabitants to trade in their vehicle at combustion engine against an electric two-wheeler. This notably involves a grant of up to 4000 euros, the full terms of which are explained to you directly at this address.