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Humanoid robots will be engaged in the production and testing of cars

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

Humanoid robots will be engaged in production and car testing

Dongfeng Motor has officially signed a partnership with Ubtech Robotics to use its humanoid robots in tasks related to car manufacturing.

Through this partnership, the industrial version of Ubtech's Walker S humanoid robot will be used on Dongfeng Motor's production line to perform a number of tasks in the manufacturing process. They will reportedly include checking seat belts, door locks, headlight covers, body quality, tailgate and interior. The robots are also expected to perform many other tasks, including filling oil, assembling the front axle, picking and picking materials, applying logos and printing labels. It is noteworthy that the robots will work in cooperation with traditional means of automation.

According to Lin Changbo, CEO of Dongfeng Motor, Ubtech's humanoid robot will be combined with the latest artificial intelligence technology to enter Dongfeng Motor. Through hands-on training, the official expects that the robots will be able to better inspect and assemble components. «This will not only increase Dongfeng Motor's level of intelligent manufacturing, but also become a new style of intelligent manufacturing in the automotive industry, and accelerate the large-scale application of humanoid robots in the automotive industry, – he added.

In short, the company expects this development to give it a significant boost to achieve its future goals.

According to Ubtech, the latest industrial version of the Walker S humanoid robot is tall 1.7 m and boasts a new generation of fusion control algorithms. The robot can communicate with the factory system to obtain information about the status of the production line and share the collected data in real time.

The humanoid robot has 41 high-performance servo joints and a full range of perception systems, including multidimensional force perception, stereo vision, omnidirectional hearing and inertia, as well as ranging. It also offers high-quality night vision, dynamic environmental feedback integration, and autonomous environmental exploration technology that reportedly allows it to perceive its environment, as well as people and objects around it.

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