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Human footprints over 100,000 years old in Morocco

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Feb6,2024

More human footprints of 100,000 years in Morocco

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Archaeological site of Lixus-Larache. The prints were discovered in the area demarcated by the dotted red line.

Agence France-Presse

More than 80 human footprints, approximately 100,000 years old, have been found on the coast of northern Morocco and are considered by researchers to be the oldest known in North Africa and the southern Mediterranean.

These Homo sapiens footprints, left by a minimum of five individuals, including children, and revealed on Monday to AFP, were discovered in 2022 in Larache, 90 km south of Tangier, by a team of Moroccan, French, Spanish and German researchers.

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The footprints were discovered in Larache, 90 km to the south of Tangier.

This group of individuals crossed the beach towards the sea, probably in search of food and shellfish, they were probably fishermen or gatherers, explained Anass Sedrati, curator of the archaeological site of Lixus-Larache.

According to these researchers, whose study was the subject of a publication in the journal Nature(New window) (in English) in January, it is one of the best preserved human trace sites in the world and the oldest in North Africa and the southern Mediterranean. p>

This discovery took place during a field measurement mission in July 2022, as part of a research project scientific on the origin and dynamics of the rock blocks which litter the coastline, explain the researchers, led by the French University Bretagne Sud.

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