Huge asteroids rush towards the Earth

Huge asteroids rush towards the Earth

Huge asteroids rush towards Earth

Illustrative open source photo

Asteroids of large sizes are approaching the Earth at great speed – space boulders will approach our planet at a minimum distance in the coming days this week, reported on the NASA website.

We are talking about a group of asteroids, which scientists have named 2022 ML3, 2022 OY, 2022 OG1, 2016 CZ31 and 2022 NU1.

The sizes of the first two, according to experts, are approximately the same as those of a bus (12 meters) and a passenger plane (29 meters). They fly past the Earth at a distance of 9.2 million kilometers and 3.63 million kilometers, respectively, right on July 26.

But the next "stone space travelers", which will be bigger – as a high-rise building (122 meters) and an air liner (43 meters) – will rush past our planet, approaching us at a maximum of 2.8 million kilometers and 4.71 million kilometers. Expected date – July 29.

On July 30, another asteroid with a size of more than 280 meters is expected to fly by, which will be able to approach the Earth by almost 7 million kilometers.

According to scientists, the asteroid's flight speed is 17 times exceeds the speed of a bullet.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga