Huge 'alien jellyfish' washed ashore in Ireland

Huge 'alien jellyfish' washed ashore in Ireland

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 Huge "alien jellyfish" washed ashore in Ireland < /p>

A huge “alien jellyfish” has been discovered on a popular beach in Ireland.

(Cyanea capillata) was discovered by Margaret O'Gorman walking on the beach, reports The Mirror.

A woman took a picture of the jellyfish and posted it online. According to O'Gorman, the jellyfish was at least a meter in diameter.

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“What struck me about this creature was how vulnerable it looked on the shore. I didn't find it scary at all,” she said.

Other netizens objected to her that the stings of such jellyfish cause “excruciating pain.”

mane" (Cyanea capillata) or hairy cyanide is one of the largest known species of jellyfish. They can be up to two meters in diameter, and their tentacles can reach 30 meters.

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