Huawei collapsed in Russia, the price of flagship smartphones, and other gadgets

Technogiant Chinese Huawei announced a new promotion discounts and special offers, which will operate when buying gadgets in the official store manufacturer in Russia. In the framework of the Russian fans of the brand will be able to get discounts on flagship smartphones, what’s more, the discount also applies to other products of Huawei.

Huawei обрушила в России цены на флагманские смартфоны и другие гаджеты

So, the biggest discount, which are offered to the buyers in the “week of AppGallery”, is 15 000 rubles. It is for this amount decreased the cost of the flagship smartphone Huawei Mate P30 Pro 30 and Pro, which are now available at a price of 55 and 45 thousand, respectively. In addition, buyers of the base version of the flagship Huawei R30 can get this device at a discount of 10 thousand roubles or at a price of 29 990 rubles. But the discount on the current flagship line of 40-series discount is still the same 10 000, but to them as a gift included a variety of accessories and Wearables.

Promotional the price tag needs to be applied to tablets and MatePad MatePad Pro from Huawei. Now these gadgets are available at a price which is 7500 rubles below the former, moreover, depending on the buyer’s selected model to his new costume will be applied a gift in the form of portable speakers, wireless headphone, keyboard, or stylus. Discounts and the budget brand models, the average discount on these devices is up to 3000 rubles.

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