Huawei announces its new range of products for Spain, with laptops at the head of its ecosystem

Huawei announces its new range of products for Spain, with laptops at the head of its ecosystem

From laptops to telecommute to headphones to receive calls at home, Huawei is committed to its own ecosystem where everything is in constant communication

Huawei announces its new range of products for Spain, with laptops at the head of its ecosystem

Huawei has shared this Monday the plans that the company has for the Spanish market, which include the arrival of the new devices that it presented last week at HDC 2020, such as the brand's new premium laptop, Matebook X, which will be available at early next year.

Last week, the company held HDC 2020, its annual developer conference, where in addition to sharing its strategy for its mobile services, it presented six new products with which it expands its integrated ecosystem.

This Monday, in a digital meeting with the press, the company shared the strategy in the Spanish market for the remainder of the year, along with the arrival of these six new products in the coming months in Spain.

These six new products are part of Huawei's ecosystem, which as Manuel Teba, Retail Field Manager Huawei CBG Spain explained, “does not mean launching products to the tun tun, but rather that these products are related to each other in an intelligent way.”

The head of 'Retail' explained that we come from an environment in which the mobile phone was the center of communication. But this situation has changed, and we have moved to a scenario where the consumer has detected other needs, especially in the current context of pandemic -and the experience of confinement-, which has promoted teleworking and has caused attention to be paid to quantification. Of the health.

This change takes place under the strategy of the company called '1 + 8 + N', that is, the mobile device is still the center of communication, but now there are eight Huawei-own devices that will always surround that device, and that they will be accompanied by N services, which will provide content to the ecosystem.


At the HDC 2020, the company presented the update of its 'premium' laptop Matebook X, which will reach the Spanish market in early 2021, with a starting price of 1,600 euros.

This equipment, as Teba has pointed out, maintains Huawei's commitment to quality that has characterized it since its appearance in 2017. The new equipment gains portability, with a compact design that has allowed it to weigh one kilogram. “The message of a team that adapts to any situation is reinforced,” he says.

The FullView technology, which Huawei brought to the laptop directly from smartphones, has created the company's “best panel” for computers so far: 90 percent of the total front “is content.”

In terms of construction, it improves on the keyboard, with a 1.3mm key travel; and the 'touch pad', which now occupies 26 percent of the surface area and improves haptic response. Below it are the 'Huawei Share' sensors, to make it easier to link the 'smartphone'.

Huawei has also reinforced the audio section in this team, with four speakers and four different equalizations. It introduces, for example, a videoconferencing mode that uses the double microphone to capture the voice – up to five meters away – and highlight it above the background noise.

The fingerprint sensor unlocks the equipment in 0.6 seconds, and is, as Teba indicates, an example of synergy between the different areas of the company, since this component comes directly from the 'smartphone'.

In the mid-range, the company also presented Matebook 14, which will hit the Spanish market from October, for 1,400 euros. It is, according to Teba, “the most balanced team in the portfolio”.

This laptop stands out for its premium design, connectivity and battery. Specifically, it offers 10 hours of video playback, 10 hours of office work and 8.5 hours of browsing. Also, and inside, the motherboard has been reduced by 15 percent, which allows more space and contributes to heat dissipation.

With the 'wearables', Huawei has “hit the table quite important,” according to the person in charge of 'Reatail', because it is not about offering 'premium' features, but rather to make the user feel that the quantification they offer these devices fit him.

In this category, the company has presented Watch GT 2 Pro, with a design that brings smart watches closer to traditional watchmaking. Bet on a ceramic back that, in addition to avoiding friction with the skin, improves the operation of the measurement sensors.

This smart watch will arrive in Spain on October 9, for 299 euros.

Huawei has also presented Watch Fit, which will also be available in October, for 129 euros. In this case, the company is committed to a team focused on physical activity and health monitoring, with a larger screen, focused on content.

Watch Fit includes twelve specialized training programs, with animations that guide the user step by step, and 96 quantifiable exercises, as well as health monitoring. It offers up to 10 hours of autonomy on a single charge.

With regard to Audio, HDC 2020 hosted the presentation of Freebuds Pro, a wireless headset with which the company seeks to “break” with the design and features seen in the current market. Specifically, the company has opted for an “iconic” design, based on right angles and pure geometric shapes.

Freebuds Pro, which will be available on October 2 for 179 euros, has a mechanical audio stabilization system, which offers sound nuances and powerful bass. It integrates four mics, three to capture the sound of the environment and one for the behavior of the inner ear, to improve noise cancellation.

They are also the “only headphones” on the market that currently offer noise cancellation of up to 40db.

The company also presented Freelace, which will also arrive on October 2, for 119 euros. In this case, Huawei has brought the experience of noise cancellation to a sports device, to offer a sound quality that “is not usually usual” in this type of product, as Teba has pointed out.

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