HR, a crucial link in managing teleworking

HR, a crucial link in managing teleworking

An SME in Chambly will have to quickly fill new positions that have become essential for its development, in particular that of HR specialist. EcoloPharm, which manufactures eco-responsible plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, must prepare to manage, in an imposed context, teleworking.

“At this size, the human resources function can no longer be delegated to a manager who has other tasks,” explains Sandrine Milante, president. We need a specialist who will know how to take care of recruitment and retention, in addition to developing the employer brand. ”

“The pandemic has highlighted this need for many SMEs,” adds Ms. Milante. With half of our employees working from home, we have to find ways to keep the team together. We also need to manage the anxiety and emotionality of some people in the face of the coronavirus. This means that today, entrepreneurs act more like psychologists than they should. “

With the ways of working that have transformed, the need will not disappear in the post COVID-19, she said. “HR manager is a job with a future. “

Digital marketing

In the short term, EcoloPharm also wants to strengthen its expertise in digital marketing.

“As a company that has given itself an ecological mission, we have given up having representatives on the road. For several years, we have been relying on technological tools to meet the information and training needs of our customers. This tells you that we were ready to face the health crisis ”, explains Sandrine Milante.

The fact remains that the methods of digital marketing to optimize customer relations are constantly evolving. The SME is therefore looking for someone who is both an expert in the field, but capable of wearing several hats. “That will be the whole challenge,” says the leader, who is optimistic about finding the rare pearl.

Internal training

HR, a crucial link in managing teleworking

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Small eco-friendly plastic ointment jars manufactured by the company.

EcoloPharm has recorded annual revenue growth of more than 15% for five years, reveals Mme Milante. It has become a leader in the field of eco-design of plastic products. Today, one in three pharmacies in Canada uses its packaging solutions, vials, ointment jars and pill boxes, made of polypropylene, a 100% recyclable material.

To better cope with the shortage of workers, the company turned to factory 4.0 a few years ago. Despite the improvement in her jobs, she is still struggling to fill her day laborer positions.

“Unskilled labor is still scarce. It’s difficult especially for the night shift, ”explains Mme Milante.

The other difficulty it faces is the scarcity of graduates in plastics processing technology which has persisted for more than a decade. To overcome this, EcoloPharm has set up an in-house training program that enables employees to acquire the skills they are looking for and to climb the ladder.

“Plastic is an unloved material that does have its uses,” says Mme Milante. To design eco-responsible packaging, we need professionals and technicians specializing in the field who allow us to innovate. “

The secret of detention

While recruitment poses certain difficulties, EcoloPharm has no retention problem. His secret? “We do everything we can to build a work team where there is a good fit, explains Mme Milante. The profile of each person is studied according to this. “

She has no difficulty working with millennials who have a reputation for demanding employees who are not always easy to manage.

“My entire management team is made up of millennials. These young people need a personalization of their work which must be in balance with the role they want to fulfill in life. That’s what keeps them going. We make sure to offer them a professional path to help them grow in the company, she says. And when you come to the end of the plan, I have sometimes helped employees find jobs elsewhere. Several have returned. “

This generation wants to change the way things are done. Luckily, EcoloPharm’s mission is to transform the world of pharmacy by offering innovative products. A perfect match.

EcoloPharm Profile

  • Founding date : 2009
  • Activity: eco-responsible plastic packaging design
  • Shareholder: Sandrine Milante (100%)
  • Number of employees : 30
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