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How you can very easily increase the autonomy of any smartphone

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr15,2024

How you can very easily increase the autonomy of any smartphone

In the Internet, information appeared on how to save battery charge on any smartphone.

According to the source, excessive battery drain is often the result of wrong user actions. One such habit is to constantly close applications that are running in the background. This was told by an IT specialist.

During the launch of the program, all the resources necessary for its operation are loaded into the RAM. If the user minimizes the application, some data remains in memory and the application remains in its current state.

“When the user accesses the previously minimized application again, the system no longer needs to fully load it, but you only need to restore the data from the cache. If you close an application, the operating system will have to load all the resources again, so from the point of view of energy consumption, closing applications is better than closing them”, – explains an IT expert.

Cold-starting an application, i.e. starting it from scratch, consumes much more energy and other resources than opening it from a collapsed state. In other words, if you give up the habit of closing background processes, you can significantly extend the smartphone's operating time from a single charge.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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