How Tokayev diplomatically lowered Putin in all positions

How Tokayev diplomatically lowered Putin in all positions

As I understand it, the Kremlin itself is no longer happy that the only foreign leader who agreed to attend some kind of forum in St. Petersburg turned out to be the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym Zhomart Tokayev.

How Tokayev diplomatically lowered Putin in all positions

After all , in fact, Tokayev literally mocked Putin and all Russian propaganda, methodically leveling and trampling on their long-term narratives.

In the Ukrainian information space, they mainly talked about the fact that Tokayev spoke extremely sharply about the “recognition” of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”. But there were far more slaps from the President of Kazakhstan to Putin in his presence.

First of all, Tokayev reminded Putin that there are a lot of xenophobic, racist TV presenters and TV programs on Russian television that promote interethnic and interreligious hatred. A mild hint of who really needs to be denazified?

It is important that Tokayev spoke about this not only in the presence of Putin, but also propagandistically to Margarita Simonyan, whose husband, Tigran Keosoyan, allows himself extremely bold statements to the Kazakhs.

While Putin jumped out of his bast shoes to explain to everyone present at the forum that the Western economy would soon collapse and the Russian economy would flourish, Tokayev noted that the American economy had a large margin of safety and was developing dynamically.

Kasim- Zhomart Tokayev, speaking about the war in Ukraine, which in Russia is still called a kind of “special operation”, noted that in Kazakhstan there are different opinions on this matter, since the Kazakhs represent a mature civil society. It turns out that the Russians living in a country where there can be only one point of view on the war in Ukraine and no other – not mature? Did anyone doubt it?

But when it sounds from the lips of the president, it seems like a friendly country, a member of the CSTO, and even in St. Petersburg, in the presence of Putin and the entire Russian propaganda rati. Oh, yes!

Tokayev also noted that in principle there can be no complete import substitution – it is impossible. That is, he publicly nullified Russian myths about total import substitution.

And at the end of this beating, according to reports in the Kazakh segment, Tokayev refused to be awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

That's actually economic forum… The only high-ranking guest, the Taliban does not count, literally trampled the owner and all his propaganda pack into the mud.

Perhaps Putin just needed to finally learn how to pronounce Kassym-Jomart Tokayev correctly, and not improvise ? Although, it is possible that in this way Putin tried to demonstrate his dominance over Tokaev, belittling him with an incorrect pronunciation of his name. And who ended up being humbled in the end?

Yes, it’s not like having a conversation with a creeping potato dictator about who is on whom on which side …