How to use video podcasts on Spotify

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Users will be able to choose whether to view or listen to content from the mobile app

 How to use video podcasts on Spotify

New feature on the platform will allow users to choose whether to watch or listen to podcasts from their mobile app

With the growth of the podcast market in different countries, more platforms have been added to the generation of spaces to disseminate audio content. YouTube, for example, set up an exclusive space for podcasts.

Although YouTube has become a suitable platform for broadcasting and monetization of audiovisual content as the Pod 2022 Survey places it with 26%Based on user preference, this figure does not compare with the 77% of people who prefer to use Spotify to consume podcasts in Latin America.

However, this barrier could be overcome by Spotify as it announced that it will allow the display of video, so that the creators of this content can have more tools to establish links with users

How to use video podcasts on Spotify

Video podcasts will sync seamlessly with audio podcasts on the platform. Photo: Spotify

“Video native podcasters will now have access to Spotify's audience worldwide, while video native podcasters audio they will be able to start experimenting with video and offer content with which their listeners can interact more deeply”, indicates the official statement of the platform.

In addition, the The audio streaming platform indicated that this new feature is already available in select countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Mexico, which have “particularly strong communities of podcast creators who have shown a healthy appetite for new ways of creating.”

Transition from video to audio

On the other hand, users will be able to switch from video in the foreground to audio in the background, as is customary since the vast majority of people who consume podcasts tend to listen to them while doing other activities.

How to use video podcasts on Spotify

Video podcast on Spotify

“As we learn from users and iterate, we are pioneering new audio formats, interactivity, unique listening experiences and tools creators can use for an evolved creation experience,” the statement states. Spotify release.

How to post video content on Spotify

So far video creators < b>podcasts had to go through two processes to publish their content: upload the video to YouTubeand then edit an audio-only version just for streaming platforms like Spotify.

However, this will change with the new feature of the application, as it has been indicated that Anchor, the podcast hosting service, has enabled a tool that will allow you to replace the audio episodes with their versions in video.

To start the process, follow these steps from the Anchor website:

– Go to the Episodes list on the Anchor website.

– Click on “Mass Episode Replacement” to start the Mass Replace tool.

– In the purple button go to ” Replace”. This option will launch the file chooser on the device.

How to use video podcasts on Spotify

Anchor will allow you to replace a podcast's original audio file with a video file for its new video podcast feature. (Anchor)

– The user will need to select the file they would like to use in their existing episode. Once you have selected the episode, you will need to click Open or Done.

– This process can be repeated for as many episodes as needed.

– When everything is ready, the user will have to click “Next” to confirm if the episodes for which they have selected new files are the correct ones.

A Once the processes are finished, the files will start uploading. This may take a few minutes, but when the upload is complete, you will see a green check mark next to the episode in the “Status” column. Once all the episodes have been uploaded All you have to do is click “Finish”.

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