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How to understand who is to blame for your unhappiness and become happy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

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The human brain is a very thrifty organ. He tends to take the path of least resistance and blame everyone else for his troubles but himself.

However, who is really to blame? On the platform Start Something! tell how to become happy.

We share useful tips with you:

1. Take responsibility for your life
Happy is not the one who waits for everything to be “brought to him on a plate”, but the one who forges his own happiness. Accepting the thought “I am the creator of my own happiness” helps to take responsibility for your life, think about what you are not satisfied with and want to change and start moving forward.

2. Find “your”
Remember – what brings joy to others may not suit you at all. Think about what “yours” really is?

3. Be successful in your business
Think about what you are better than others, what do you like to do and do well? You need to develop your talent and make efforts to achieve results. There are many such talented people. Your task is to stand out among them. A genius lying on the couch will not succeed.

4. Do not forget about personal
Recommendations from the previous point also work in personal life. Do you want to find love or a hobby that will make you forget about everything in the world, or change your place of residence?

Again, first decide who you are and what exactly you need. And, of course, don't forget about working with yourself and on yourself. Nothing is given for free. One desire is not enough. You should always compare your wishes with what you are ready to “pay” for them.

How to understand who is to blame for your unhappiness and become happy


Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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