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How to turn your phone into a second monitor, simple and convenient instructions

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr8,2024

How to turn your phone into a second monitor, simple and convenient instructions

Thanks to this, you can use your phone as a second monitor for a computer or laptop

Not everyone knows, but tablets and smartphones on Android can be used as full-fledged second monitors for computers or laptops. This does not apply to remote access from Android to a computer, but to the use of a second monitor, which is shown in the screen settings and on which you can display a separate image from the main monitor.

This guide presents five ways to connect Android as a second Wi-Fi or USB monitor, and also describes the necessary actions, possible settings and additional nuances that may be useful. Please note: the Galaxy Tab S7 has a built-in feature for using a second monitor.


SpaceDesk – a free solution for using Android and iOS devices as a second monitor in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 with a Wi-Fi connection (the computer can be connected by cable, but must be on the same network). Almost all modern and not so Android versions are supported.

Download and install the free SpaceDesk app available on the Play Market on your phone.

From the app's official website, download the virtual monitor driver for Windows and install it on your computer or laptop.

Launch the app on an Android device connected to the same network as the computer. The list will show the computers on which the SpaceDesk display driver is installed. Click on the link "Connection" specifying the local IP address. On your computer, you may need to allow the SpaceDesk driver to access the network.

Done: your tablet or phone will have a Windows screen in Screen Mirroring mode.


GlideX is a proprietary application from ASUS (also works on other devices), which allows you to use a tablet or smartphone with Android or iOS as a second monitor, all basic functions are available for free, touch input is supported with mobile device screen. It is easy to use and has a Russian language interface.

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