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How to take care of a laptop battery to extend its service life

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

How to take care of a laptop battery to extend its service life

Laptop batteries are important components of portable computers, but over time they inevitably degrade and lose their ability to hold a full charge. And although it cannot be avoided, this process can be stretched as much as possible in time if you take proper care of the battery.

Fortunately 24 Kanal has prepared some simple tips and recommendations that will help you extend the life of your laptop battery and avoid its premature replacement.

Do not charge the laptop all night

Unless you're using a charger with an auto-off feature that stops charging when the battery reaches full capacity, this is a bad idea. Otherwise, handling the battery like this can seriously weaken it.

Even if you use a smart charger, you shouldn't make a habit of charging the battery overnight, as this can accelerate its wear and tear and create a fire hazard.

Keep the charge level between 20 and 80 percent

This is the optimal range for the health of your laptop battery. Charging the battery to 100 percent or using it at a low level can shorten its life.

Some laptops have a smart charging feature that allows you to set the charge threshold at 80 percent. You can enable this function using a special application from the device manufacturer.

Monitor the temperature

Avoid using the laptop in a hot environment or while charging, as this may cause the battery to overheat and be damaged. Charge your laptop in a well-ventilated area, place it on a stand or tilt it slightly to improve airflow.

If your laptop gets hot, stop using it or unplug it. Also, do not keep the laptop in direct sunlight or leave it in a hot car.

In addition, you should use an original charger that corresponds to the capacity of your laptop's battery. Using a low-power or third-party charger may slow down the charging process and affect battery performance. A genuine charger also has a safety feature that prevents overcharging.

Optimize your laptop settings

In order for the device to consume less battery power and work longer on a single charge, we recommend optimizing it. You can do this by lowering the brightness level, turning off background apps, activating power saving mode, avoiding running intensive apps, keeping the laptop in a cool place and using airplane mode more often when you don't need a Wi-Fi connection.

Following these tips and taking good care of your laptop battery will extend its life. However, if you notice a significant reduction in battery life, you should contact a service center to replace it with a new one.

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