How to study during the war: practical advice from Oleksandr Pedan's daughter

How to study during the war: practical advice from Oleksandra Pedan's daughter

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Lera, the daughter of the presenter of the New Channel Oleksandr Pedan, has collected life hacks for fellow applicants.

17-year-old Lera Pedan is this year's entrant. Despite her surname, which is known thanks to her father, the host of the New Channel Oleksandr Pedan, the girl tries to achieve success on her own. She graduated from school with a gold medal, in the fall of 2021 she filmed a joint project with her father about the universities of Ukraine “UniverCheck”, and now she has firmly decided to enroll in Ukraine. And encourages fellow applicants to do so! The girl gave some effective advice on how to study during the war.

Give yourself a clear answer to an important question

– In order to return to studies after a break, you should first answer the question to yourself: “Why am I doing this?'', advises Lera Pedan. – Try to find a global goal: “I want to rebuild the country, so I have to be educated”, “I dream of founding my own IT company” etc.

Don't overburden yourself

– You shouldn't immediately dive headlong into studying, – says the girl. – Start with short classes and gradually increase the time.

Remember to rest

– If you physically feel a lack of strength, do not force yourself, – notes Lera . – Try to rest for a few days. As soon as the body recovers its resources, you can return to study.

Have study materials on a convenient medium, think everything through in advance

– Often, air anxiety forces you to break away from important affairs, – says Oleksandr Pedan's daughter. – In order not to waste time sitting in the shelter, try to download the study materials on your laptop or phone in advance, or take the manual with you.

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