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How to store food safely when there is no light: an infographic from the Ministry of Health

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

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The Russian military caused serious damage to Ukrainian energy. As a result, Ukrainians have to stay without electricity for hours. This can cause spoilage of products.

That is why the Ministry of Health shared advice. The Ministry tells how to safely store food in the absence of electricity.

Terrorists continue to attack our energy infrastructure, so recently the whole country has been suffering from forced power outages,
– the Ministry of Health emphasizes.

The department notes that storing food products in such conditions can be a challenge, especially in summer, because it is not just about their freshness, but also about safety for health.

< p>How to store food safely when there is no light: infographic from the Ministry of Health

< br> How to store food in the absence of light/Infographics of the Ministry of Health

“We also recommend reviewing the menu and diet in favor of fast, light and non-perishable food. In the summer, a large part food can be vegetables and fruits that can be stored without a refrigerator.Dishes should be made as simple as possible, with a minimum number of ingredients. “Well-cooked or stewed foods are best stored,” says the Ministry of Health.

The ministry notes that following these steps will help keep your food fresh and safe for longer, even during power outages. It will also allow you to eat without risk for health.

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