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How to speed up phone charging: four effective ways

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May16,2024

How to speed up charging the phone: four effective ways

We live in conditions where blackouts are possible, which means that the phone must always be charged. 4 simple methods that you need to adopt will help speed up battery charging. “Telegraph” has already told how to effectively clean the laptop keyboard, and today it shares how to help the phone charge faster.

As it turned out, there are ways to speed up charging, using them you will save time. This is especially true in conditions where the light can disappear at any minute.

How to speed up phone charging

Use an outlet

If you want your smartphone to charge faster, use a power outlet, not a power bank or other power sources via the USB cable. It is directly from the outlet that the gadget charges faster. And it's best to use the “native” charger that comes with the phone.

Turn off the phone

In order for the phone to charge faster, you don't need to use it while charging. And it is best to turn off the device completely. After all, even when the phone is just sleeping, background programs continue to run, which slows down charging.

Wired chargers

Wireless charging – a convenient invention. However, in emergency situations where you need to charge your phone quickly, it is better to use a traditional wired charger.

Turn on airplane mode

If for some reason you cannot completely turn off your phone, although b turn on airplane mode. It will also speed up the charging of your phone, because in this mode, background apps are not running, there is no network connection, and you will not be able to receive notifications and calls. And this will greatly accelerate the charging of the gadget.

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