How to search with the Google assistant for a podcast by episode or guest

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By default, Google Podcast will open to play what the user requests, but Spotify or YouTube can be configured in the mobile settings

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How to search with the Google assistant for a podcast by episode or guest

Google adds new options parental control. (photo: ComputerHoy)

The voice assistant favorite of many people who use a cell phone with Android operating system , the Google assistant, is with people when making voice commands on all smart devices, and now it's much smarter with the latest update, especially if any Infobae reader likes podcasts.

Well, if any Android user is a podcast lover, they may have asked Google Assistant to play a certain podcast, but it always played the last available episode that was previously listened to.

Although when you are at home you may end up manually searching for an episode that interests you, in a car it is clear that using Google voice assistant for a podcast like this is a real odyssey But now there is very good news.

Since the last update, as pointed out by 9to5google, the assistant can recognize commands around certain podcast requests. You're not just talking about the name of the podcast, you're talking about the specific episode and/or the specific guest.

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How to search for a podcast by episode or guest in Google Assistant

If a person is looking for that episode of their favorite podcast where they interviewed a beloved celebrity, just ask the Google Assistant and it will find it; whether the favorite podcast player is Google podcast, YouTube or Spotify.

Google mentions that this option is more aimed at podcast listeners in the car. It's also compatible with all devices with the Google Assistant installed, so you can take full advantage of the new voice commands.

That way, you can be much more precise and specific with all your podcast requests to the Google Assistant, and you no longer have to look up from the road to find that specific episode of your favorite podcast.

How to search with the Google assistant for a podcast by episode or guest

Google Assistant. (photo: MuyComputer)

Some commands for Google Assistant

These are some of the instructions that can be given to the system after saying “Ok Google” to activate it.

– Open account settings Google.

– Change my Google privacy settings.

– Adjust Google security settings.

< p class="paragraph">– Show Google search history.

– Turn Bluetooth on or off.

– Turn WiFi on or off.

– Turn Airplane mode on or off.

– Turn on or off Do Not Disturb.

– Turn Flashlight on or off.

– Put the phone on silent.

– Increase or decrease the brightness.

– Set the brightness to 25%.

– Increase or decrease the volume.

– Turn the volume up or down to 50%

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Commands in the communications section for Google Assistant

The Google assistant is very practical when you need to make or answer calls and you can't use the cell phone screen; it is the same case with messages and different communications and messaging applications.

These are some of the commands that can be used:

– Call mom.

– Start a video call with mom.

– Send a text message text Ana and tell her I'm going to eat tomorrow.

– Send a WhatsApp to my sister saying “Tomorrow I'm going to eat with mom and dad. Come closer if you want”.

– Send an email to Pedro with the subject “Tomorrow I can't” and the message “Tomorrow I'm going to eat with my parents”.

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