How to Schedule Posts on Instagram

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Only users with a professional account will be able to access this feature, and switching to this option is a very simple process

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How to schedule posts on Instagram

Schedule posts on Instagram. (photo: Instagram blog)

Over the years, Instagram has ceased to be a platform that only serves to publish different memories of people. Today it is a true business machine and all kinds of companies use the application to sell their products and services.

And it is now easier for the administrators of this social network organize your Instagram posts. This is a new feature that allows you to schedule posts. That way, users will never again have to rely on third-party tools that might have ulterior motives.

The offer is available to content creators with a professional account. In this way, the social network owned by Metafinally offers a solution to a lack that has existed since its inception. The platform is known to offer really useful features for those who manage an Instagram account professionally.

It is true that the company is constantly working to introduce new features every time, but most of them tended to imitate rival programs such as TikTok or BeReal .

How to schedule posts on Instagram

It is quite easy to do, as the company explains on its official blog. In addition, the user has a margin of 75 days to schedule the publications that are needed. Best of all, and as already mentioned in the first lines of this article, it will no longer be necessary to download third-party applications or use web pages.

Everything is on Instagram and ready to go. To schedule a post on Instagram, just follow these steps:

1. Enter Instagram and enter the Publication section.

2. On that screen, where the caption is added, tap on Advanced settings.

3. Here you will see a new switch under the name of Schedule this post.

4. Once this option is selected, you can choose the date and time you want for the publication. Then tap on Schedule.

Clever. Now the content will be scheduled for later publication on Instagram. If you want to check which posts are scheduled or want to cancel, you just need to enter the Scheduled content function in the hamburger menu (marked with three horizontal lines, hence name). This same part allows reprogramming if necessary.

How to schedule posts on Instagram

Schedule Instagram posts. (Photo: Instagram Blog/Composition/Jose Arana)

You must have a professional account to schedule publications

You must Also note that only users with a professional account can use this feature. So, if you want to use this tool, you have to change the account type in the Instagram settings. The process is very simple:

1. Go to three horizontal stripes from Instagram.

2. Then, enter the Configuration section.

3. Touch the Account option.

4. Scroll down until you find the option that says Switch to a professional account and follow the steps that Instagram indicates.

How to schedule posts on Instagram

Change an Instagram account to a professional account. (photo: Instagram/Composition/Jose Arana)

After making this change, you will be able to see more content, such as the level of engagement of followers, the best days to post and other statistics that companies use to measure the success of a publication.

Finally, this function has already begun to be implemented for the users of the application. So if it hasn't arrived yet, it should be seen in settings soon. Please note that since this is a progressive release, it may take a few days or weeks before it can be used.

More news for Instagram

In addition to the planned integration of this feature, Instagram has added another interesting feature . These are Achievements for the Reels.

What does that mean? According to the company, creators can unlock achievements in the Reels section. They have to earn them by creating content, collaborating with other content creators, talking to the community, and even doing more than one Reel per week.

Once one of the above achievements has been achieved, the user will receive a notification as soon as the Reels are released. Of course, this feature is still in the testing phase, though it should roll out to all users around the world this week.

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