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How to save smartphone charge when the light is turned off: detailed instructions

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

How to save a smartphone's charge during a power outage: detailed instructions

In connection with the introduction of emergency and scheduled power outages in Ukraine, people have to adapt to such conditions. In this, it is important to always stay in touch. A logical question arises: how to keep the charge of the smartphone if the electricity is turned off?

The State Intelligence Service has given recommendations that will help in this. The information appeared on the official Telegram channel.

Recommendations for using the phone while saving electricity :

• Charge your phone whenever possible;

• Keep your power banks charged;

• Turn on the power saving mode on your smartphone.

• Set energy-efficient screen settings (enable standard display smoothness instead of high, set “wallpaper” dark color for OLED/AMOLED display, light – for IPS);

• Turn off the screen auto-return feature.

Also, don't use non-critical applications that actively consume the battery. To find out the level of power consumption of applications, go to Settings → Battery → Battery usage.

Turn off autostart, update, and app sync.

• Android → settings → accounts and synchronization,

• iOS → settings → App Store → Update apps.

Disable voice command recognition:

• Android → Google Now → settings → Voice search → “Okay, Google” recognition,

• iOS → settings → Siri and search or Siri and dictation.

Also, to save charge, you should turn off vibration on your smartphone, unnecessary communications: GPS, Bluetooth, and refuse to watch videos and games.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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