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How to save household appliances during constant power outages

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

How to save household appliances during constant power outages

Planned and emergency power outages several times a day throw Ukrainians off track. After all, in addition to discomfort, there is a risk that household appliances will fail due to unstable voltage. However, experts say that this can be avoided. 

Why equipment breaks down

Forced rest for 2, 3 or 7 hours for household appliances (especially those that work constantly – for example, a refrigerator or a router) is not beneficial.

In the first minutes, when the voltage appears in the network, it may be higher than permissible. This is due to the fact that some electrical appliances were turned off at that moment. It is possible that some subscribers in the vicinity are still without electricity. Therefore, all electricity goes to those who are healed. And instead of 220 volts, they can get all 300. 

By the way, voltage surges often occur immediately before turning off the lights. The voltage may drop slightly, then rise sharply. We only notice this when the microwave oven heats food three times longer at its usual power. But the technique feels all the fluctuations back and forth – even the smallest ones. And reacts to them accordingly.

At first it stops working clearly like a clock – the refrigerator motor starts making some unusual sounds. And then it just breaks. 

How to protect your equipment

If you've received a warning about a power outage or know that it's scheduled to happen now, the smartest thing to do would be to unplug all electrical appliances. At least those that are most sensitive to voltage drops: it is worth taking care of the TV, refrigerator, computer, router, boiler.

This is especially true for residents of old buildings that do not have personal shields. On general connections, the connection is chaotic.

Experts advise turning on electrical appliances to the network 20-30 minutes after the power supply is restored. During this time, the voltage should stabilize, and household appliances will not feel discomfort.

Suggest whether  normal voltage, maybe a normal light bulb: if it flashes – sometimes brightens, sometimes darkens, – so you have to wait a bit.

But you shouldn't turn on all the equipment at once – do it gradually. Moreover, you should not make up for the time lost without light and simultaneously start the washing machine, bake a cake in the oven and iron clothes. Such consumer activity – stress to the network. There may be a short circuit, and there is not far from a fire.  

However, not everyone has the opportunity to turn off the equipment every time. Therefore, there is another option –

to install a voltage relay that stabilizes it. It is of two types – outlet type (placed on a specific electrical appliance) and one that is connected to the panel and regulates the voltage that enters the apartment. Of course, it will have to be spent. But it is much cheaper than buying a new refrigerator.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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