How to report a suspicious email in Outlook

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Emails that arrive on behalf of banks, public entities and businesses known to invade people's devices are recurring

How to report a suspicious email in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

One ​​of the most used methods by cybercriminals to violate the privacy of users and steal personal information from devices is the form of phishing.

This form of deception consists of sending a mass email to different accounts impersonating companies or people with a certain level of trustworthiness to convince victims to voluntarily hand over their data personal and even banking, without knowing that they are being subjected to a virtual deception.

That is why there is the possibility that a person who has identified a Email of this style can report it on any mail platform to combat these cybercriminal campaigns. However, as Infobae verified, this feature is not active in the Mail application in Windows 11.

How to report suspicious email in Outlook

The Mail app in Windows 11 does not allow you to report suspicious emails

In the desktop application of Mail, which is pre-installed in the Windows system and which allows the management of emails from different accounts, does not have a report option enabled for emails.

The only way a person can get rid of messages like this is by directly deleting it or marking it as spam. In both cases, marking that a phishing message can be reported is avoided, and the application system prevents other people from being victims of this deception.

< p class="paragraph">In communication with Infobae, Microsoft indicated that it is possible to report this type of email from two platforms: The first is Microsoft 365 Outlook and the second is from the web page

How to report a suspicious email in Outlook

Report a message in the Outlook application

Microsoft 365 Outlook: this desktop application does allow the reporting of messages and for that you only have to follow these steps: Select the suspicious message, click on the “Report message” option available in the options bar and then click on the Phishing option ).

According to Microsoft, this feature is available via an add-in downloadable from its official website and , in addition to removing this email immediately from the message tray, it will also alert the system to improve the filters and not allow users to see more similar emails.

Outlook web page: In this case it is much easier because , according to the technology company, the user must select the checkbox that appears next to the suspicious message in the inbox, then click the arrow on the Mail button. spam and select the Phishing option.

How to report suspicious email in Outlook

Microsoft indicates what should be taken into account to identify cases of phishing in emails. (Microsoft/Capture)

How to identify phishing emails

According to Microsoft, a way for users to identify possible cases of phishing in your email inboxes is to pay attention to the form these messages have. Most of them will seek to distract people with alarming words that create a sense of urgency and prevent proper decision-making.

Furthermore, even when are presented as issued by a trusted company , the real email address of the person who sent the message is spelled incorrectly, does not use institutional domains but uses common services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, among other services.

In case this account has been previously reported, users may see a “?” sign where the profile picture should go. This signal indicates that the account might be sending a message whose content is not secure. According to Microsoft, users “should be careful when interacting with messages that are not authenticated if you do not recognize the sender.”

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