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How to properly charge the phone on a wireless charger so as not to “kill” the battery: 4 useful tips are named

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr9,2024

How to properly charge the phone on a wireless charger so as not to

Some chargers can “kill” the smartphone's battery and significantly reduce the life of the phone. Wireless technologies, when used incorrectly, destroy the battery, so it is important to know simple rules.

If you follow them, you will be able to efficiently power the gadget and prevent battery degradation. The details were shared by “Telegraph”.

Wireless smartphone charging is demanding on temperatures

Batteries do not like heat and cold. You should not put your phone on charge if you have just come from the street, which is especially important during low temperatures.

If the gadget has been actively used and heated up, then do not rush to power it from the network either. Let the battery temperature cool down a bit. Otherwise, the battery may explode.

Check the phone's temperature periodically. When feeding, it rises a little, this is normal. But if the gadget is very hot, then immediately remove it from the charger.

You need to charge the phone on a high-quality wireless charger

Cheap devices can quickly “kill” the battery. Therefore, use only high-quality chargers compatible with your smartphone.

Wireless chargers with the Qi standard are equipped with a power controller. It smoothly increases and decreases power. That is why charging will be more careful.

Center the smartphone when charging

A simple action will significantly increase the power efficiency. The charge will grow faster, because the interaction area is larger.

Abandon thick covers

It is better to charge the phone without a cover. Energy transfer occurs at a distance of up to 4 cm, but most wireless chargers effectively power the phone with a distance of about 5 mm between the charging elements and the smartphone battery.

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