How to organize your inbox in Gmail with filters

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Eliminating subscriptions to certain newsletter services is an option to reduce the number of messages in the mail

How-to-organize-your-gmail-inbox-with-fde927b-filters. how to organize the inbox in Gmail with filters

It is possible to create a filter system in Gmail that automatically sorts received emails.

A common situation among users of email services such as Gmail is that, sometimes, the platform's inbox is full of unread messages that only take up space inside the file, because the tray is not checked frequently. The result is that, eventually, when there is an mail that is of interest, it takes time for people to find it.

Between important emails, subscriptions a newsletters, website notifications, among other messages, users become overwhelmed with messages and the inbox becomes a huge warehouse of unread emails. However, it is possible to create a filter system in Gmail automatically sort received emails.

What are filters in Gmail

Google's mail platform allows users to set parameters and tell the application what kind of emails are of interest and which ones are annoying or take up unwanted space. These custom filters depend on each person, so their configuration is an alternative and not a default function within the service.

To generate a custom filter within Gmail, users need to perform the following steps:

How to organize your Gmail inbox with filters

Users can set filters in Gmail to better organize the space they have in their inbox. (Genbeta)

– Click on the Settings icon, located in the upper right corner of the Gmail desktop application screen.

– Locate and click on the Filters and blocked addresses tab.

– Click on the option of Create a filter.

In case the user is clear about the mail listyou want to filter, you'll need to fill in the Senders box, called From, with the email addresses you plan to group in a particular category. To add more than one address, just put a comma after each one.

Messages that take up a lot of space or have very large files can also have a separate category that can be configured from the Size option where users can set a specific weight. Once the criteria is set, users can click the Create Filter button.

After you have entered into the Gmail system all the email senders you want to filter, you can find even more categorieson the left side of the screen. application. It is possible to archive them automatically, mark them as read (after having selected them), highlight them, apply labels to find them easily, etc.


Users can set filters in Gmail to better organize the space they have in their inbox. (Genbeta)

Delete subscriptions

Another option that can be very helpful when checking the email account is to assess whether subscriptions to newsletters are really useful and provide some kind of valuable information that you want to receive on a regular basis. If after this evaluation it is considered that it is not necessary to maintain that subscription, the ideal thing for users is to unsubscribe from these services.

The option to unsubscribe from newsletters is usually located at the end of each email that is sent by the issuer of the subscriptions. If users know the email addresses used to send them, you can set a filter to group them all together and make it easier to manually remove subscriptions.

In the event that the Gmail account is linked to an additional service such as Outlook, which allows you to view different email accounts at the same time, it is likely that you will not be able to appreciate the function of the filters in the organization of the email. For this, the ideal is to carry out the process directly in the Gmail application.

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