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How to manage to read one book every week: effective tips

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

How to manage to read one book a week: effective tips

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Everyone wants to read more books in order to develop, have a good memory and spend time usefully. But very often we find many reasons not to do it: there is no time, no money for good books, there is nothing interesting from the novelties.

Radio Maximum dispels all myths and destroys stereotypes about reading in new material.

These helpful tips will help you read one book a week:

1. Make a reading plan. Determine the book you will work with. This will keep you on track, as many of us have a to-read list that grows faster than it melts.

2. Choose a book wisely. Take on what interests you. Remember the 50-page rule, which says that if a book isn't interesting at the beginning, it's unlikely to be interesting later on.

3. Division into small steps. The task of reading a thick book in one week can seem a bit daunting, divide the usual number of pages into six days (one day is a rest for the head).

4. Special time. The main obstacle for all such undertakings is a constant lack of time. Therefore, set aside a special time in your schedule that will be dedicated to reading.

How to manage to read one book every week: effective tips


5. Flexibility of schedule. Not every book contains 300 pages. There may be much larger books that are simply impossible to finish in a week. In this case, make up for the lag with one or more thinner editions, thus staying in line with the schedule without harming reading comprehension.

6. Read at your leisure. Be ready to read a few pages at any minute. Do not try to receive information in large portions.

7. Read what interests you. If you are doing your favorite thing and learn new information on a topic that interests you, then the reading process is easy and imperceptible. This is the main secret!

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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