How to make home cozy: 3 tips

Как сделать дом уютным: 3 совета


The house needs to be not only big and beautiful but, above all, comfortable. It’s the same nook where you can relax, be yourself and relax. On that note when building a house? Give some useful advice!

Light and space

Certainly, on the one hand, it is a matter of taste. But even a small living space will look visually larger if you make it bright and make the right layout. To save some time and effort will help to consult a designer who will help the option most suitable in your case. However, you can cope with on their own, choosing light colors materials and furniture.

Get rid of excess

We often create for ourselves a problem, littered the house is not very needed things: from the endless cloth and bags, to furniture that is already put nowhere. Teach yourself the rule is: before buying something in the house, ask why and this is where I will put? If there is any doubt, better not to hurry with the purchase. In fact, you will wonder how you actually relax prevents an overabundance of things per square meter, not the lack of them. Believe me: in the house where everything has its place and there is free space, you will breathe easier.

Attention to the area

To zone the space, conditionally or clearly divided into a dining room, a bedroom, a living room — a matter of taste. But definitely worth thinking about how to make a cozy sitting area. It may not necessarily be the only bedroom. If you energy like, say, the kitchen, you can add a small sofa or a hammock. If for you it is unacceptable to combine the kitchen area and place to stay — then it is necessary to distinguish between. Or maybe the perfect place to replenish forces would be… a balcony.

It is not only in place, but also how it will be arranged. Do not chase the new-fangled hammocks and sofas, if you are quite uncomfortable. The main thing — every thing in the house should help to create comfort, not to annoy you.

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