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How to maintain sexual health: 7 tips

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

How to maintain sexual health: 7 tips

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Each person has his own level of sexual activity, which depends on many factors: individual production of hormones, sexual constitution, character, innate and acquired psychological qualities.

But problems with sexual health, as a rule, are caused by a number of the same reasons. In the article Radio MAXIMUM will consider the factors affecting the quality of intimate life and tell how to improve it.

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Reasons for reduced sex drive and activity

Libido is influenced by a combination of biological, psychological and social factors. If the processes that support normal sexual health are disturbed, drug treatment and therapy may be necessary.

Biological factors

Often, the deterioration of intimate life occurs due to hormonal changes and menstrual cycle disorders. If it is not due to natural age-related changes, it is important to find the cause. For example, these may be the consequences of incorrectly selected hormonal contraception. Sexual desire is also affected by chronic diseases: diabetes, obesity, problems with the cardiovascular system, and others.

Psychological factors

Stress , fatigue, depression, anxiety disorders, problems with self-esteem, conflicts in relationships, monotony and boredom in intimate life often lead to a decrease in sexual desire.

Individual factors

A decrease in libido can be caused by sleep disturbances, fatigue, poor nutrition, use of drugs (for example, antidepressants), a sedentary lifestyle.

How to regain attraction and improve sexual health

There are many ways to improve and maintain sexual health that are easy to implement in everyday practice. In addition to such popular methods as meditation, relaxing massage and regular Kegel exercises for women, we offer a list of universal recommendations.

Experiments with new forms of intimacy

Routine is one of the most common factors that lowers libido. Experimenting with new forms of intimacy, such as different caresses and techniques, sex toys, role-playing, or being intimate in new places can liven up your sex life. It is important that both parties feel comfortable. Changes should suit both.

How to maintain sexual health: 7 tips

Care for relationships with a partner

Dialogue in a couple is fundamental to maintaining a healthy and happy sexual relationship. Open conversations about needs, wants, and concerns help both of you better understand each other's expectations and boundaries. Spending time together (not just in the bedroom) strengthens the emotional bond that affects sex drive. There are many educational materials on the Internet – study together, expand knowledge about sexual health and practices to better understand your partner's needs and your own.

Regular physical activity

One of the key ways to improve the general condition of the body and sexual health. Exercise helps maintain blood circulation, which is important for sexual function in men and women. In addition, regular physical activity increases the production of endorphins (the hormone of happiness), which have a positive effect on well-being and mood, reduce stress and anxiety – factors that are often responsible for low libido.

Proper nutrition and dietary supplements

A healthy diet rich in vitamins and trace elements can significantly increase sexual activity. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and lean proteins provide the body with essential nutrients and support the production of hormones, including those that affect sex drive. Try to minimize fast food and hydrogenated fats, which are harmful to the circulatory system. You may consider using supplements with ginseng, ashwagandha, arginine, zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins to balance hormones and maintain sexual health with your doctor.

Normal sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important for regulating hormones, maintaining libido and good health. Lack of sleep can lead to increased stress and fatigue, which naturally reduces interest in sex. Try to get around 7-9 hours of sleep.

How to keep your sexual health’ 7 tips

Managing stress and emotions

Stress and negative emotions can seriously suppress sex drive. Relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or even simple breathing exercises can help reduce stress. Their regular performance calms, improves well-being and intimate life, and also teaches to feel and understand your body. Pay attention to your everyday life and surroundings, remove stress triggers or at least reduce contact to a minimum. The support of a partner or a therapist can help you cope with negative emotions and improve your sex life.

Health care

In addition to the impact on well-being and emotional state, chronic diseases can greatly suppress libido and pleasure from sex. Diabetes causes erectile dysfunction in men, and increased dryness and decreased elasticity of tissues in women. Endometriosis causes pain during intercourse, and irregular cycles are hormonal fluctuations that affect the quality of intimate life. Get regular medical check-ups to get timely treatment and stay healthy, both sexually and in general.

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