How to improve the internal storage of Android TV

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The enterprise plan is expected to reduce app sizes by 20%

How to improve storage internal storage of Android TV

Google hopes to improve the storage of the operating system with a change in applications.

Android TV has an internal storage problem and For this, Google has a solution ready that will allow users of this operating system to install more applications.

The reason why the system has this limitation is because the personalization layer, Google TV , takes up a large part of the memory in Chromecast and therefore the user quickly runs out of space, which can be annoying for many.

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Google's plan

To put it in numbers and better understand the picture, the Chromecast with Google TVit has 8 GB of memory, of these only 4.4 GB are available to install applications, because the rest is taken up by the customization layer and pre-downloaded platforms.

This can sometimes limit storage to between six or ten apps, so the company intends to make the AAB (Android App Bundles) format mandatory. This is a type of file that apps come in to download and install.

How to improve Android TV internal storage

Google hopes to improve the storage of the operating system with a change in the applications.

Currently the format is APK, but what it does is install the complete package of the platform, with all the available languages, information and functions needed to run.

What Google is looking for, is that with the AAB type less space is occupied, since only the minimum and essential resources will be installed, such as, for example, only setting the language in which the television is set.

The change of file type will allow a 20% reduction in the size of the apps, something that would optimize the storage of the device.

Another benefit of the AAB format is that it allows the platform to be archived, something that is very functional because it is a way of deleting it temporarily and when you want to have it again, the installation is easier, saving the user's data. Although it also allows you to permanently delete any downloaded content.

The idea of ​​Google is that this transition, from APK to AAB, is complete in May of next year, since developers need time to migrate their applications and adapt them to this obligation, which will be helpful for users of this operating system for televisions.

How to improve storage internal Android TV

Google hopes to improve the storage of the operating system with a change in applications.

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The company gave parents several care tools, who can now create specific lists for their children and artificial intelligence will give recommendations

The news will arrive directly to the profiles of minors, where parents will be able to direct titles directly to the “must watch” lists for children from their profiles.

Additionally, intelligence artificial will start making recommendations to children, because they can now watch popular shows and movies on the Google TV home screen based on installed apps and parent-defined rating levels.< /p>

But in case you don't like something that has been recommended you can tell the AI ​​not to do it anymore, you do it by holding down the select button and then tapping “hide ” to remove the suggestion from the list.

Finally, parents can also set limits on their kids' YouTube searches, placing restrictions up to age 9, 13, or the general.

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