How to adjust sleep in the bomb shelter: Dmitry Karpachev's advice

How to sleep in a bomb shelter: Dmitry Karpachev's advice


Ignoring air alarms is dangerous to life. However, more and more people complain that they suffer from insomnia, because they simply cannot fall asleep in a bomb shelter.

The topic of sleep and safety was discussed by psychologist Dmytro Karpachev in the new edition of “Psychological Help& #8221; on STB.

Psychologist Dmytro Karpachev received an appeal from a woman who has been under occupation for almost a month. Her psychological state worsens, because she cannot sleep in the bomb shelter. The reason is quite common – a woman is used to resting exclusively in her bed.

Find a way to leave a life-threatening place. If you are under constant missile attacks, run away, get out. However, if you cannot do this for certain reasons, arrange a bomb shelter, – advises Karpachev.

How to sleep in a bomb shelter:

  • Equip the bomb shelter as much as possible comfortable.
  • If possible, take things from home.
  • Try to follow the usual rhythm of life.
  • Go to bed at a certain time.
  • Distract protect yourself from scary thoughts: talk to your neighbors, read.
  • Use a blindfold.

Don't be shy about other people in the bomb shelter: your snoring or restless sleep will be a concern for now others are the least.

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