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How to find out who called from an unknown number: simple and free ways

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

How to find out who called from an unknown number: easy and free ways

In the age of modern technology, calls from unknown numbers have become a common phenomenon that often causes concern. It is important to know how to identify such numbers quickly and for free. 

Open journalists will tell you several simple and affordable ways to find out who called from an unknown number.

The main reasons for checking unknown numbers:

The main reason for finding out whose phone number called is that you can understand who is calling you in advance using various modern tools. Thus, you can, for example, immediately detect fraudsters or block intrusive advertising. Or, on the contrary, recognize important calls from unknown callers that may be useful or urgent.

Using online services and applications

There are many programs that will help you find out who is calling a phone number for free. Here are some examples of them:


Application for identification of unknown mobile phone numbers. It can be installed on a gadget of any operating system and even on a laptop and PC.

GetContact identifies unknown numbers based on how the caller is listed in the phonebook of other app users. It also has a built-in function to block unwanted calls and messages.

In addition to the advantages of the application, there are also disadvantages, the main one that allows you to use it is the mandatory permission to your phone book. By granting this right to GetContact, you automatically add your entire phone book to the general database of the program and other users.


Another tool to check who called – Truecaller. It displays a database of mobile numbers from open and closed sources. The information collected by the developers contains more than 3 billion records.

In the application, you can enable call and SMS anti-spam, as well as make a backup copy of number data. A built-in messenger is also available for users.

In general, there are many other similar services to find out whose number is calling. Among them, you can highlight Call Insider (works on the basis of the previously mentioned “Telephone directory”), NumBuster, СallApp, TrapCall, Whoscall, etc.

Checking through search engines

If you were called by an unknown number, a method that does not require downloading third-party programs will come to your aid — is to use Google to find the phone number you want.

You simply enter the number you are interested in into the search bar. Next, Google will release all the data about its mention. 

In Ukraine, there is a “Telephone Directory” site that does not require registration. It is enough to specify an unknown number, and if it is in the database, reviews and an average status rating will be available

Social networks and messengers

Messengers < /strong>

To search for information about an unfamiliar number, you can try to find it in messengers and social networks Viber, Whatsapp and Telegram, Facebook, Instagram.

To do this, you need to first add an unfamiliar number to the phone book. Then information about this phone number will appear in the messenger. Although it will be limited to a photo and a short description of the profile, there is a chance to learn the person's first and last name.

If the phone number is not in any messenger or social network, then you should think that you were called by fraudsters or spam advertising.

Contacting the communications operator

Mobile operators also have alternatives. For example, you can connect a service that will determine the numbers of all subscribers who call you according to international standards.

First of all, this applies to situations when you see a classified number on the phone. Ukrainian operators have the following number detailing service:

Kyivstar — is "Number Superdeterminer" (cost of use – UAH 3 per day);

Lifecell – Hidden number identifier (50 UAH for 30 days);

Vodafone – "Number superdeterminer" (connection UAH 107, day of use — UAH 1.10).

This method has a drawback. Number identifiers will work correctly only with subscribers of the operator where you purchased it. Otherwise, correct operation is not guaranteed.

Blocking and protection against unwanted calls

Built-in function of protection against spam in smartphones.

iPhone owners need to go to Settings — Phone — Turn off the sound of unknown callers (Silence Unknown Callers). Now, any caller whose number is not in your contact list, Siri suggestions, or recent outgoing calls will automatically go to voicemail.

Android phones have a Call Screen feature that allows Google Assistant to check for calls from people who are not in your contacts. To activate Call Screen: Settings — Spam — Call screen — Call filter — find the Unknown call settings section and there select the types of callers you want to check (spam, possible fake numbers, etc.).

Block a specific number

If a specific number bothers you, you can block it. Android smartphone users should tap on the desired phone number, and in the menu, select Block, or tap the icon with three dots and select Block number. iPhone owners need to open the Phone application to block a number — Recent — find the number and touch the Information icon (it looks like a small letter “i” in a circle) — scroll down — click Block this caller — to confirm

Using applications

Getcontact, Truecaller, CallApp have functions to block suspicious numbers. With their help, you can avoid receiving incoming calls from unknown numbers.

Mobile service operators

Each operator in Ukraine has an additional service of blocking unwanted calls. To connect it, you need to contact the hotline or call the company to provide you with information about connecting the service.

Useful tips and tricks

Cyber ​​security experts advise do not answer calls from unknown numbers, and also treat calls with caution:

  • by messenger Fraudsters can call via messenger, because you don't need to buy a SIM card for communication, and it takes a few minutes to register a new account.
  • with the code +3 800. These numbers are used by companies that make cold calls based on the purchased subscriber base.
  • from the short number 700 or 800. Also a popular number used by commercial organizations, online stores, spammers and advertisers
  • with the code +7800. These are free numbers used by various organizations, from fraudulent to social. surveys.
  • from a foreign number. When answering such a call, remember that international calls are billed as international calls, so you can spend a hefty sum on a “spiritual conversation”.

Thus, everyone can protect themselves. from annoying spam and fraudulent calls from unknown numbers. We have considered simple and effective methods. These tools can be combined to achieve the best results.

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