How to find out the real mileage of a car

How to find out the real mileage of a car

According to Ukravtoprom, from January to July 2022, more than 310,000 used cars were imported into Ukraine, which is almost 25% more than in 2021. Many of them, unfortunately, have twisted mileage. The site tells how to find out the real mileage of a used car, so as not to miscalculate when buying it.

How to find out the real mileage of a car

There are many different ways to understand that you want to sell a car with more miles, what the odometer shows. Such a car, of course, is more worn out than it actually seems, which in the future will lead to unnecessary expenses during its repair.

If they are trying to sell you a car without documents, justifying this with the most seemingly plausible reason, then refuse from purchase. And remember that documents are also forged.

Please note that the body and interior of the car must match the numbers indicated in the odometer. This can be considered an indirect method for determining the true mileage of a car. Numerous chips, cracks, abrasions on the body and on the windshield directly indicate that you have a car in front of you that has seen a lot. Usually these cars have high mileage. In any case, more than, for example, 100,000 km.

But if the car is repainted and the headlights are replaced, then this should also alert you. Why was the car repainted? Why did you change the headlights? Ask these questions to the seller and analyze his answers.

When inspecting the interior, pay attention to the condition of the steering wheel (if there is a cover on the steering wheel, be sure to look under it), pedals, seat belts, seats, as well as the condition of the armrests and power window buttons. In particular, the passenger seats should be reconciled equally, and the driver's should be a little stronger.

Don't forget to inspect the odometer itself. You may notice traces that it was filmed. The electronic odometer is checked with a special program. And it's better if the experts do it.

Be sure to check the history of the car. This can be done in the Driver's Electronic Cabinet.

If you doubt that the odometer reading is real, then let the service station staff check the car. Of course, you will have to pay for this, but you will not be disappointed after the purchase.