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How to effectively manage money: tips shared by a billionaire

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

How to manage money effectively: tips shared by a billionaire

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In today's world, effective money management is an important aspect of achieving financial stability and success. One of the most famous examples of successful financial management is the American entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

The sale of his first startup CompuServe in 1990 for $6 million and the subsequent sale of Yahoo for $5.9 million brought him a significant fortune . By studying his experience, you can learn several valuable lessons, writes the telegram channel “Start Something!”.

Repay all debts

One of Kuban's key pieces of advice is the need to quickly pay off debts, especially credit cards. Interest rates on loans are usually very high, so paying off debts quickly can save you significant amounts in the long run. If it is impossible to repay the debt, it is worth considering the possibility of refinancing it at lower interest rates, especially during periods of economic difficulties.

Create a financial cushion for half a year

Kuban also recommends creating a financial security cushion that will allow you to live at least six months without income. This will help to avoid serious financial difficulties in case of job loss or drastic changes in life. Such a pillow will provide the necessary time to find new opportunities without excessive stress.

How to effectively manage money: tips shared by a billionaire

It is important to have a financial cushion for half a year/Freepik photo

Risky Investments

Billionaires like Mark Cuban are not afraid of risky investments. However, he advises investing no more than 10% of your budget in such projects. The main part of the funds should be invested in low-cost index funds, which will provide stable income from dividends and minimize the risks of losses.


Kuban also draws attention to the importance of savings. He notes that rebates can be more profitable than investments. For example, saving 15% on $1,000 worth of purchases can be more rewarding than 15% APR on an investment of the same amount. A rational approach to spending helps you save more money for future investments and expenses.

Effective money management requires a responsible approach to paying off debts, creating a financial safety cushion, investing wisely and saving on everyday expenses. Mark Cuban's experience shows that following these simple but effective tips can help you achieve financial stability and success.

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