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How to distribute the Internet from a phone to a computer

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

How to distribute internet from phone to computer

During power outages, WiFi may not be available unless you have configured it to work without power. In this case, your smartphone can easily act as a modem for accessing the Internet from a computer. How to connect it?

In order for everything to work, you, of course, need to connect the appropriate tariff from your operator. Note that you will likely run out of a few gigabytes of daily usage in 2024. The volumes of data transmitted during the average page view (especially with advertising) are quite large today. So in just a few hours you can lose about 3-5 gigabytes of traffic. An unlimited plan is best, but it will cost you more.

How to distribute the Internet on Android

The setup process may be slightly different for different phone models, but the essence and approximate procedure always remains the same.

    • To begin with, turn on the mobile Internet. As a rule, this can be done from the top menu curtain, a separate widget on the desktop (in some smartphones) or in the Settings responsible for SIM cards and mobile networks.
    • In the Settings, which will be next to the previous one, find the WiFi hotspot menu. This can also be done in the same menu curtain that appears when you swipe down from the top of the screen. The icon will look like the usual WiFi icon, but with an additional element. Turn on the Hotspot.
  • We also recommend going through the Hotspot settings to set the network name and password for it, because without a password, third parties will be able to connect and slow down your network.
  • After that, on your computer with WiFi, simply search for available connections and connect with the password.

You can also do it via a wire if you need the Internet on a PC that does not have a WiFi module. To do this, connect the smartphone via a wire to the computer, and then select the USB modem option in the Access points menu. Next, on your computer, connect to the desired connection by selecting the Internet icon on the taskbar and selecting “Network and Internet Settings.” In the list you will see the modem available to you.

How to distribute the Internet on iPhone

On Apple smartphones, this is called a hotspot. The “My Hotspot” feature is under Settings (or Settings – Cellular Data in some iOS versions). Tap Create My Hotspot or Allow Everyone to Connect. Set a password below to avoid unauthorized access.

If the other device does not see your smartphone, try the function below “Maximize compatibility” – it improves the situation for older devices.

If iPhone is set up to use dual SIM cards, Personal Hotspot uses the number selected for cellular data.

You can connect a Mac or PC to the hotspot using Wi-Fi or a USB cable .

  • If your laptop has Wi-Fi, search for available connections.
  • You can use the charging cable to connect to a USB port on your computer and distribute the internet in this way. To do this, simply insert one end of the wire into the smartphone, and the other – into the computer. The connection will happen automatically.

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