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How to correctly calculate the power of an EcoFlow charging station: instructions for Ukrainians

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul10,2024

How to correctly calculate the power of an EcoFlow type charging station: instructions for Ukrainians

Many of the country's residents today use charging stations due to frequent interruptions in the supply of electricity. If you intend to buy such a device and want to understand how much power you need, you can use a special calculator, writes “Observator”.

Before buying a portable charging station, you need to clarify what power will satisfy your needs of your household. There is a risk that you will buy a device that is too powerful, having spent a considerable amount, or, on the contrary, you will be cheaper by purchasing a low-power device.

A special calculator has appeared on the network, which makes it possible to make approximate power calculations. It is located at The creator of the calculator warns that the calculations cannot be 100% accurate, but they will give you an opportunity to roughly understand what kind of power plant you need.

The tool works simply. The user needs to select from the presented list the equipment that he plans to power from “ecoflow”, select the power of the devices and the time of their operation, get information about the charging stations that are most suitable.

For example, you need to power for 5 hours a 12 W router, a 10 W LED lamp to power for 3 hours, a 75 W TV — 2 hours, refrigerator 100 W — 24 hours. After entering these data into the calculator, you will receive the answer: the capacity of the power plant must be at least 2,640 Wh, the starting power — minimum 397 W, working power — minimum 197 W.

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By Natasha Kumar

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