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How to clean the charging port of the phone and not break it: instructions for beginners

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May16,2024

How to clean your phone's charging port without breaking it: a beginner's guide

If you've ever noticed that your phone isn't charging properly, it might be because dirty charging port. This problem can either completely prevent charging or slow it down.

TechRadar warns — before you start cleaning the hole, you need to turn off the phone. All further actions should be done carefully, without pressing too hard.

How to clean the charging port of the phone

  • Wrap a piece of cotton wool around a toothpick, roll it in your fingers, so that the cotton wool is well soaked. At this stage, it is important to remember the size of the charging port of your phone — use no more cotton wool than necessary to fill this hole.

  • Blow compressed air into the charging port — you can use a can of compressed air or a silicone blower. You need to blow air into the corner on the left or right. When using the balloon, do not press too hard on the charging port. Blow air through the charging port for no more than two seconds. Do not use your mouth, because the moisture from your breath will get into the middle of the phone.
  • Wet a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol.
  • < li>Put the cotton swab from left to right inside the charging port several times. Look in the hole to see if all debris is removed, repeat if necessary.

  • Blow out again with compressed air.
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