How to choose an electric car?

How to choose an electric car?

Should you buy an electric car? It's no longer just a matter of being on trend. This type of vehicle is environmentally friendly and more practical. If you bet on the purchase of an electric vehicle, you are exempt from paying vehicle tax and uniform circulation tax, and in some cases you can even receive an incentive at the time of purchase. electric car showroom Kyiv offers a wide range of models. Another advantage is parking: some municipalities allow parking for this type of vehicle free of charge or at a reduced price.

How to choose an electric car?

Which electric car would you like to have?

The main decision is between battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The latter are equipped with a liquid fuel engine, which allows the car to work better and, at the same time, recharge the battery. Electric vehicles are powered by batteries only at charging stations.

Compared to a hybrid vehicle, purely electric vehicles have a shorter range. However, in the long run, electric vehicles are cheaper because they don't use any fuel other than electricity. If you are traveling long distances, a hybrid is the perfect solution. If you travel more in the city, an electric car may be preferable.

How much autonomy do you need?

The limited range of electric vehicles is almost always cited as the main disadvantage of electromobility. This is one of the areas that manufacturers are working on, and of course, given its restrictive nature, this is one of the most important features to consider.

At the top of this hierarchy are Tesla cars, the most autonomous models on the market. market. For example, the Model 3 can travel about 530 kilometers on a single charge before plugging the car back into the outlet. And the brand has already confirmed that the next models will be able to reach values ​​close to 640 kilometers.

Another highlight is the Jaguar I-Pace with a range of around 500 kilometers. If price can be a downside, don't forget there are cheaper electric options like Volkswagen's e-Golf.

How long does a battery last?

EV batteries have a more limited lifespan than liquid fuel vehicles, depending on technology, conditions of use and storage. Batteries are subject to extreme temperatures, overcharging and total discharge.

It is important to keep in mind that electric batteries have a variable warranty of about ten years, which indicates their effectiveness during this period. The high energy density makes lithium-ion batteries the preferred choice for electric vehicles. But, due to load cycles, they have a degenerative progression.

There are already cars with regenerative braking that allows you to charge the battery during braking, for example, the Jaguar I-Pace or the Nissan Leaf. A car with this system is always a good option.