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How to charge a phone without electricity and a power bank: useful life hacks for Ukrainians

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

How to charge a phone without electricity and a power bank: useful life hacks for Ukrainians

A mobile phone has become an important part of a modern person's life. It provides an opportunity to contact loved ones, learn about news and find the necessary information on the Internet. But now it is difficult for Ukrainians to charge their gadgets due to frequent power outages. What to do in such situations?

Charging from a power bank can be the easiest way. But what if such a useful gadget is not available or it is also discharged? In such moments, alternative methods will help, reports “”.


Many Ukrainians have laptops that they use for work or study. And this device will help to charge the mobile phone if the lights are turned off. You just need to connect the gadget to the computer using a USB cable and wait a little.


Car owners can charge their mobile phone in their vehicle if it has a USB port. If not, you can buy a USB adapter that will allow you to connect the gadget to the connector, which many drivers know as a “cigarette lighter”. Even if there is no gas in the car, this charging method will work.

Wireless speakers

Many Ukrainians use portable speakers to listen to music. This gadget will also help you charge your phone during power outages.

Solar Energy

Of course, to use solar energy to charge your smartphone, you will need a special solar charger. On the Internet, you can find options for such a useful gadget at different prices and choose an affordable one.

Point of unbreakability

Hundreds of “Points of unbreakability” have been opened in Ukraine, where Ukrainians can use water, mobile communication and the Internet, get first aid and charge a mobile phone, laptop and other gadgets. This option is suitable for those who do not have a car and who cannot purchase a power bank or other chargers. You can find the nearest point on the official site.

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