How to be the best influencer having any profession

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92% of consumers trust an influencer's opinion more than a traditional commercial

How to be the best influencer in any profession

92% of consumers trust an influencer's opinion more than a traditional commercial. Photo: JEFF GRITCHEN/ZUMA PRESS/CONTACTOPHOTO

In the era of the rise of social networks, the consumption of diverse content on the Internet and e-commerce< /b>, among other aspects that are part of the digital revolution to which millions of people have adapted to create sources of their own income in addition to what they produce in the exercise of their professionor in their jobs.

Since communication between users has changed, the figure of influencers has increased its presence in virtual spaces such as < b>Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, TikTok b>, among other widely used applications worldwide. More people decide to start creating content that allows them to position themselves as opinion leaders from their specialty, no matter what it is, or from one of their hobbies.

That is why Samy Alliance, the global ecosystem of Spanish digital agencies and solutions that has a presence in Colombia, provides some recommendations that might make it easier for people to get started creating digital content on different platforms.

How to be the best influencer-having-any-profession

En It is possible that people can occupy the status of influencer in social networks without neglecting their jobs or professions.

According to the digital marketing agency, social networks are spaces where it is possible to monitor and access statistics on the content that is published on each platform. That is why it is important to define what you want to offer with the posts in an account and, once this is done, you need to start structuring more about this content.

The basis of the recommendations is that constant publications must be made in order to maintain validity on social networks. According to Samy Alliance, “if we don't publish, we don't exist”, so it is preferable to make a schedule of publications and make one in an average period of 3 days or a week, although it is important that the stories, whether on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, have more frequency.

In addition, the advertising company indicates that comments are a good way to interact directly with followers. Other recommendations include: liking other posts, following other users with similar interests, managing collaborations, maintaining personality authenticity, and creating a brand of value to followers.

How to be the best influencer having any profession

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In the event that the user has developed a personal brand and is related to their profession or employment, Samy indicates that It is good to indicate in the profile what makes the content offered different from others. Sometimes sharing content that other people have produced but that is interesting to the user can help generate interaction.

The strategy Starting out in content creation can even lead people to networking online and find new and better job opportunities for the future, but it's not the only thing. Webinars, live events or broadcasts can be valuable opportunities to increase the base of professional contacts.

To help maintain a serious and professional image, it is also advisable to prevent the social media account from which you are creating content from touching personal topics. With these ideas in mind, every person who pretends to be an influencer must understand that the competition is high, so the followers are not the essential thing, but the quality of the content offered.

Influencer marketing

According to Mayra Alcántara, director of influencer marketingfrom another agency, this strategy is a channel that mixes public relations and social networks with specialized metrics. In addition, it indicates that an influencer has an essential characteristic: to be a leader or a guide, so it must be someone in whom the audiences can trust.

How to be the best influencer in any profession

Bad Bunny had a meeting with Ibai Llanos, the largest Spanish-speaking content creator and influencer in the world.

Data presented by Samy Alliance indicate that this is true since 92% of consumers trust more in the opinion of an influencer than in a traditional advertising and that 49% of people rely on an opinion issued by these people. That is why 70% of marketing managers consider an influencer marketing strategy within their marketing plans.

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