How to avoid overheating your smartphone in the heat: tips from Apple

How to avoid overheating your smartphone in the heat: tips from Apple

As the heat came to Europe, including Ukraine, Apple issued urgent recommendations for the care of the iPhone

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How to avoid overheating your smartphone in the heat: tips from Apple

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IPhone owners should be extremely careful in the scorching heat. Using your smartphone in the heat can ruin it forever. Now in Ukraine the temperature in some regions reaches 35 degrees in the shade, so it is extremely important to keep your mobile phone away from direct sunlight.

Apple is warning mobile users that too high a temperature could “permanently shorten the battery life of an iPhone,” according to The Sun. Moreover, heating the case can cause serious problems with the electronics inside the smartphone, and the expensive iPhone 11 is no exception.

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“Using iOS devices in extremely hot conditions can permanently shorten battery life or cause changes in device performance,” says Apple Support. On hot days, the temperature of the iPhone can easily exceed normal operating temperature, since smartphones do not have active cooling. It is also worth understanding that the case itself is a large heat sink that dissipates heat, so leaving your smartphone in the sun is not recommended. Low temperatures can also shorten battery life, so don't take drastic measures and hide your iPhone in the freezer for quick cooling.

Apple recommendations

Apple has provided some advice on what not to do with your iPhone in hot weather.

  • It is forbidden to leave your iPhone in a car in the sun on a hot day.
  • It is forbidden to leave the device in direct sunlight for a long time.
  • It is forbidden to use resource-intensive applications in the heat: GPS-navigation or demanding video games with 3D graphics.
  • It is not recommended to carry your iPhone in tight cases or tight pockets.

How to avoid overheating your smartphone in the heat: tips from Apple

Heat can cause electronics inside iPhone to overheat

Also, if you suddenly feel that your phone has started to heat up, stop using it immediately or even turn it off. Further use with strong heating can lead to irreversible consequences in its hardware filling.

Avoid using resource-intensive applications for a long time. This is especially important for gamers as gaming applications can heat up the phone's processor very quickly. Phones also heat up faster if they are actively using 4G mobile internet, so it is better to use Wi-Fi. You should also avoid long 4K video recording. During a phone call, the temperature inside the phone also rises as it gets warm from your warm hands. If your phone gets too hot, it might even turn off automatically, leaving you unconnected until it cools down.

How to avoid overheating your smartphone in the heat: tips from Apple

Try to use your camera less often in hot weather

Compliance with all of the above recommendations in the heat will help keep your iPhone or any other Android smartphone working longer. Do your best to avoid overheating your smartphone, otherwise you risk damaging the battery or internal electronics of your mobile device.

Why does heat damage batteries?

High temperatures can permanently damage batteries. This is because they contain liquid and chemical reactions take place. When the battery heats up, chemical reactions occur more quickly and the liquid inside begins to evaporate, which damages the internal structure of the battery.

Also, this thermal process can cause batteries to charge at too high a rate, leading to a loss of electrolytes. Over time, this can even shorten the life of the battery and result in loss of capacity, reduced battery life, and in particularly dire situations, the battery itself can even swell. Be careful!

Recall that an unpleasant reason for the fast discharge of the iPhone was previously found. At the same time, scientists have created a battery for electric vehicles with a “perpetual” charge.

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